Hotel Su Gologone: Gourmet Chick in Italy

If I’m ever having a bad day I think back to my “happy place” which is a little cocktail bar overlooking the Supramonte mountains in the Italian island of Sardinia.  The bar is known as the Bar Del Tablao and is part of Sardinia’s Su Gologone hotel.

Hotel SuGologone

It’s not your typical hotel bar but then Hotel Su Gologone is not your typical hotel.  The setting is magnificent – just look at those views from every angle.  While the hotel is remote it is also perfectly positioned for exploring Sardinia’s best beaches which are just under an hours drive away.   

The pool at Hotel SuGologone

The pool at Hotel Su Gologone

Hotel Su Gologone is bigger than the hotels I usually stay at but it never felt impersonal or overwhelming.  The hotel sprawls over a large site meaning there is always a part you can have all to yourself.  Whitewashed walls and tiled roofs give the place a rustic feel and the brightly painted rooms and beautiful local art make it clear this is no cookie cutter hotel. 



Hotel Su Gologone is also renowned for its food.  Each night the kitchen roasts several suckling pigs over the open fire.  You eat the slow roasted, smoky pork on the terrace overlooking the hotel’s swimming pool and watching the sun set.  I may have ordered the pork each of the three nights we stayed there because it was SO good.

Meat ready to roast at SuGologone

Meat ready to roast at Su Gologone


The breakfast buffet is absolutely cracking.  Fresh fruit, pastries, yoghurts, eggs, meat and cheese for as far as the eye can see.  

Breakfast buffet Hotel SuGologone style

Breakfast buffet Hotel Su Gologone style

The only downside to Su Gologone is that some parts look a little tired and are under staffed.  There were never any staff on attendance at the pool area and there were often no clean pool towels and lots of used towels lying around.  But the staff who were around couldn’t have been more charming or helpful.  These minor gripes certainly wouldn’t put me off returning to Su Gologone in a heart beat.  If only I was still at the bar overlooking the mountains with a spritz in my hand.  

Details: Hotel Su Gologone, Oliena, Sardinia, Italy (Ph +39 070 606 7035)
Damage: Pricey €220 ($315) a night including breakfast.
Kids: Welcome. Cots available in rooms and high chairs in the restaurant.  The staff were so lovely to our little baby.  

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