Cocktail and dessert experiments at The Noble Experiment

The Noble Experiment is conducting its own little experiment on Smith Street as a bar/restaurant. It’s trying to do the slashie thing where it straddles both cocktails and food. Cocktails ahoy at The…

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POSTED BY: Cara ON May 5th, 2015
Transformer Fitzroy may just convert this carnivore

As a committed carnivore I have been known to wonder out loud “where is the bacon?” when I eat at vegetarian restaurants.  But Transformer Fitzroy may just have converted me to the world of vegetarians, at least…

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POSTED BY: Cara ON April 29th, 2015
A posh secret supper club for Eat Local Month

Have you ever been to a secret supper club? I’ve eaten at secret locations in Paris, Berlin and London but until now I’d never heard of a secret supper club in Australia.  That was until I received…

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POSTED BY: Cara ON April 27th, 2015
How to make Anzac apple pie

This year more it seems every second business is trying to cash in on Anzac Day. Woolies ran its ill fated Anzac day campaign and Target is selling scented candles with the aroma of “Gallipoli”.  Over here…

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POSTED BY: Cara ON April 24th, 2015
A stay at Stazzo Lu Ciaccaru in Sardinia: Gourmet Chick in Italy

If you don’t have fabulously wealthy friends with a private estate in Italy, Stazzo Lu Ciaccaru, may just be the next best option.  This stunning boutique hotel is nestled in the hills in the North East of…

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POSTED BY: Cara ON April 21st, 2015
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