How to eat street food

From Delhi to Singapore many of my most memorable meals have been eaten kerbside. When you’re travelling the best food is generally not found in the overpriced restaurants filled with tourists or (surprise!) at your hotel buffet, but instead on the street.  While every second restaurant in Australia now offers a “street-food menu” and there are any number of “hawker” or night markets. Real street food in Asia is likely to be dirty and disorganised but also delicious.


Click on over to The Guardian for my guide on  how to find the good stuff and ensure you don’t get sick:

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Winery dining at Polperro on the Mornington Peninsula

If you’ve got time over these holidays for a lazy winery lunch I’d recommend Polperro on the Mornington Peninsula.  Quite a few new restaurants and wineries have opened in the area lately and a visit to Polperro was on my wish list after trying just one dish from the menu at the Raincoats and Gumboots lunch earlier this year.  That dish was the wood grilled pork shoulder served skewered on winter vine cuttings.  It was simple, rustic and delicious and I decided I had to find out more.


Located near Red Hill, Polperro is set on a hillside overlooking gum trees and vineyards.  It’s a stunning view and whitewashed chairs scattered on the lawn invite you to sit back and soak it all in.  

Home made bread and local olive oil at Polperro

Home made bread and local olive oil at Polperro

The bistro is a work of art – designed by Hecker Guthrie walls painted dark black, billowing lengths of white fabric and the odd fur throw create a warm feeling inside while keeping the attention firmly on the views through the floor to ceiling windows.  

Charcuterie platter at Polperro

Charcuterie platter at Polperro

The menu also doesn’t muck around – the focus is on excellent produce cooked simply.  We only touched on what was available as we were heading to a big dinner that night but what we did try impressed.  Polperro does all the little things right like serving up still warm house baked bread and using local olive oil to accompany it from Harts Farm in Shoreham. 

Fish croquettes at Polperro

Fish croquettes at Polperro

The charcuterie plate ($30) is generously sized and includes folds of melt in your mouth prosciutto, a delicate rabbit terrine and slices of salami with a hint of spice.   Smoked fish croquettes ($12) are a must order – crunchy little balls of deep fried goodness with a salty, smoky, cream filling.  

Asparagus salad at Polperro

Asparagus salad at Polperro

Asparagus salad ($18) is vibrant green and the tender stems are topped with sprigs of dill fresh from Polperro’s (extensive) vegie patch.  Importantly, the wine list is excellent with a lot on offer besides Polperro’s own Even Keel label.    My pet hate is having a beautiful meal at a winery where the only options are the house wines. That said the Even Keel wines are fantastic – particularly the chardonnay.  Sitting at Polperro, looking out over the vines it’s hard to imagine a nicer place to lunch on the peninsula.  

Details: Polperro, 150 Red Hill Rd, Red Hill, Mornington Peninsula (Ph 03 5989 2471)
Damage: Pricey 
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2014’s Best Cook Books

Every year I say I am NOT buying anymore cook books and every year I crack.  This is a good example of why I don’t bother with New Year’s Resolution. Absolutely no will power.  In my defence I do get given and sent some cook books just to try out so that’s hardly my fault.  My will power also wasn’t helped by the sheer loveliness of the cook books on offer this year.  


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Is My Food Bag worth it?

You may have noticed from some of the rather delicious looking pictures appearing on my Twitter and Instagram feeds that I’ve been cooking a lot at home recently.  Inspiration has come in the form of a free trial delivery of My Food Bag.  My Food Bag is one of the new services which offers home delivery of the ingredients and recipes for meals which you then cook yourself.  The company started in New Zealand where it is a big hit and the founders are now hoping the idea will catch on in Australia.  

Beef and Chorizo Empanadas

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Getting my Peruvian on at Pastuso

Pastuso has to be one of Melbourne’s most interesting new openings this year.  It brings an underrated cuisine to Melbourne and does it with lots of buzz in the process.  Unfortunately the menu is a little hit and miss. 


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