Cafe Wilder (Gourmet chick in Denmark)

There is a concept in Denmark called Hygge which means something akin to cosy, hugging and warmth. It is a concept to look for in restaurants in a country that has to endure such dark winter months.

I found my own version of Hygge at Cafe Wilder in Copenhagen. During the day there are plenty of outside tables to soak up the sun, including the thoughtful addition of blankets to soak up the chill when the sun is not participating. At night time candles are lit at the tables and the patrons squeeze into the bustling interior.


When MTV boyfriend and I were in Copenhagen it was somewhat inbetween summer and winter, but nevertheless we headed for Cafe Wilder. Our waitress was friendly and translated the menu for us so that we were fairly confident in what we had ordered. I had salmon fillet which was baked in a napoli sauce. Admittedly, this sounds like somewhat of an unusual combination but the sauce was quite light and did not overpower the salmon. It was comfort food, filling and tasty. Just the thing to warm up a chilly Danish evening.

Details: 56 Wildersgade, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Damage: Reasonable

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