Crazy Homies

Crazy Homies is a fairly casual Mexican restaurant/bar but you will be hard pressed to get a seat because of its reputation as a party venue. I suppose that Mexican food always does have an association in my mind with celebrations and fiestas and Crazy Homies did nothing to discourage this view. The relaxed crowd sip on margaritas and coronas and you know the sort of night you are in for when some dishes on the menu are recommended as being “good with Tequila shots”. I am not sure that anything combined with tequila shots is a good thing, but you get the drift.

Crazy Homies is a Tom Conran restaurant along with its sister restaurant Lucky 7 next door (an American burger joint) and it does appear to have the Conran magic touch. The decor is quite dark and quirky with touches such as Mexican day of the dead skeletons adorning the walls and padded buckets of corn oil used as seats. Music pumps and everyone there seems to be with a group of friends, talking loudly and wildly gesticulating.

Mexican food is great for sharing and our group of three opted for a huge plate of nachos which were dripping with melted cheese, salsa and tangy guacamole to begin. In Mexico itself nachos are generally just served with salsa however I must admit to preferring this not so authentic version which is a staple of all Mexican restaurants outside Mexico.

We progressed to steak tacos and chicken burritos. The burritos were probably the highlight, served in a large cast iron pot with cheese, chicken and salsa all jumbled in. We all raced to get forkfuls in before it was all gone.

As we ordered another round of Coronas I could feel that the atmosphere of the place was infectious. Perhaps Crazy Homies is somewhat over priced and over popular for what is standard Mexican food, but what price do you put on a party.

Details: 125 Westbourne Park Road, W2 (Bayswater)
Damage: Reasonable
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