Troika (Gourmet Chick in Estonia)

As an ex Soviet state it is only fitting that you can now sample Russian cuisine in Tallinn, Estonia at Troika one of the new waves of restaurants set up to cater to Tallinn’s new capitalist tourist based economy. Situated on the main square in Tallinn, Raekoja plats, Troika has an outside terrace for sunny days and a cosy basement restaurant for when the weather turns grim.

Troika is homely with waiters dressed in traditional costumes (poor things) and the decor sports quirky touches such as an accordion playing toy bear. MTV boyfriend thought the bear was the highlight. Service was surly but brightened up slightly when our friend who is a regular ordered vodka shots for the table. The vodka was poured theatrically into icy shot glasses from a great height. Although it was lunch time and in my view not exactly vodka shot o’clock, the vodka was smooth and quite refreshing.

With its costumes, decor and position on the square Troika is super touristy. That said,the food was actually pretty good, a world away from what would have been on offer when Estonia was a Soviet state. MTV boyfriend and I both had the pelmeni which are Russian style dumplings. MTV boyfriend had the lamb dumplings which were served steamed with sour cream and a tomato chutney. The dumplings were reasonable but a little too plain. My house specialty of pelmeni with a creamy mushroom sauce and served in a terracotta pot was mouth watering. The pot was topped with a warm bread crust that you sliced open to get to the steaming goodness inside.

If you don’t mind eating in a theme park atmosphere the vodka pelmeni combination at Troika is not the worst way to fill your belly.

Details: 15 Raekoja plats, Tallinn, Estonia.
Damage: Pricey (for Estonia)

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  1. I ate at Troika last year with my dad who was visiting from the U.S. Unfortunately for us, the best part about our meal was the vodka and the little cucumbers or pickles or whatever it was that came with!

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