Chateau d’Etoges (Gourmet Chick in France)

So you are sitting in an amazing chateau in the Champagne region in France called Chateau d’Etoges about to sit down to a multiple course dinner, what are you going to order to begin? Champagne of course, there is no other option. Very nice Napoleon champagne as well. Chateau d’Etoges is a boutique hotel and restaurant, and it is where MTV boyfriend and I were lucky enough to spend the weekend.

In keeping with the whole chateau thing that they have going on, the restaurant is fairly formal with high ceilings, plush furnishings and lots of space. Service was faultless and our meal was truly memorable for all the right reasons.

We started with an amuse bouche of goats cheese in a pastry tartlet. This was one of a flurry of amuse bouches which were all excellent. An entree of lobster with bisque and sauternes wine sauce was the highlight of the meal. It comprised a beautifully presented row of lobster pieces dotted with the sauce and a creamy foam. The fillet of turbot with pureed lettuce that followed was a little bland, however I suppose that is what happens when you puree lettuce.

We moved on to a bottle of red from the local town of Bouzy which was a great recommendation by the sommelier. My main of pigeon breast served with blood pudding, turnip apples and cider sauce was very tasty and the blood pudding, which I must admit I was not that enthusiastic about, was a revelation. Really quite delicious as long as you did not think too much about what it was. MTV boyfriend’s stuffed saddle of lamb with an apricot and eggplant caviar tasted just as good as it looked . The lamb was tender and pink and the apricot and eggplant added just the right amount of flavour to enliven it.

When I caught sight of the cheese trolley I must admit that I thought I was truly in heaven. It was extensive and you could select as much as you wanted of the amazing French cheese. We finished up with more amuse bouches and a passion fruit tart which was served with mango sorbet and mango flavoured limonade exotique. A little bit too much mango going on there, but it was all good.

What a meal, and even better we got to retire to a chateau.

Details: 4 rue Richebourg, 51279 Etoges, Champagne-Ardenne, France

Damage: Budget breaking


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