Mercado Central, Valencia (Gourmet Chick in Spain)

Valencia’s market is in a magnificent old building slap bang in the middle of town. The exterior is covered with ceramics and mosaics. Inside is a riot of colour and smells.

We browsed around rows of fabulous legs of jamon and piles of fresh seafood (so fresh that the eels were still wriggling live in the tanks). Unfortunately, it would have been a bit difficult to get a jamon (or an eel for that matter) on the plane back to London so we had to content ourselves with fresh fruit and pastries.

There are a few cafes opposite the market selling simple breakfasts of coffee, pastries and tortilla. Try Los Parrones, C/ Mayor, 12 Alicante for a cheap and cheerful refuel after all that browsing.

Details: Plaza del Mercado (of course!), Valencia, Spain (Mon – Sat, 7.30am – 2.30pm)

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