Sky Lounge (Gourmet Chick in Russia)

Where does new Russia go to eat and play? On Saturday night the answer seemed to be Sky Lounge perched on the 22nd floor of the Russian Science Academy in Moscow. To get there, you exit the metro (although if you were truly new Russian you would arrive by driver rather than metro) and head left towards the brutalist skyscraper with a tangle of orange geometrical shapes on top of it.

An elevator whisks you to the top of this stark Soviet era building and suddenly you are in a different world. Sky lounge is a so hip it hurts type of place. A huge bar dominates part of the space and you can catch glimpses of private rooms and clusters of tables. Lanky model types clad in designer gear sip cocktails. The really breathtaking part though is the view. Laid out before you, the lights of Moscow twinkle and you can spot landmarks such as the Kremlin and the Seven Sisters.
Service was young and friendly if a little slow, however it gave us a chance to relax, order cocktails and decipher the menu. The menu was too far reaching for my tastes, making it to six pages covering the full gastronomic gamut from sushi to pasta with a few Russian specialties thrown in for good measure. However, in the end the food that we ordered was excellent so my fears were of over ambition were unfounded.


Our waiter brought us over some of the largest olives I have ever seen and some reasonable bread to tide us over until our meals arrived. So we decided to skip entree and head straight to mains. I had the scallops with vegetable ratatouille. The scallops were lightly seared and tender inside while the ratatouille was cooked in an Asian style with a rich brown sauce with hints of miso or oyster rather than a tomato based sauce. The whole thing was delectable and looked fabulous as well. MTV boyfriend’s risotto with spinach and mushrooms was also a hit. The aborio rice was filled with flavour and there was plenty of the creamy mushroom sauce to go around.


For dessert (and another round of cocktails) we moved out onto the terrace to take in as much as possible of the amazing view. My chocolate pie of African Nianglo chocolate turned out to be a layered chocolate torte. It was nice enough but not in the same league as our main meals. MTV boyfriend fared better with the creme brulee which he pronounced as perfectly cooked.


Our meal at Sky Lounge was an amazing experience mainly because of the setting which quite poignantly highlighted the immense changes in Moscow from the old Soviet style to brash capitalism. To cap such a great evening, we decided to do as the new Russians do and head off to Fabrique to dance all night with the beautiful people of Moscow.


Details: 32a Leninsky Prospekt (Ph +7 (495) 9385104
Damage: Budget Breaking

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  1. I have been to the Sky Lounge, but found it a dissapointment compared to the other venues with sky high views! I just recently came back from Moscow and thought you might enjoy my reviews 🙂
    if going back, i would recommend Shokoladnitsa for coffee/cafe, a lot better than the rest of the coffee chains.. Moscow is still learning on that front

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