Benito’s Hat

 Benito’s Hat is a new Mexican restaurant on Goodge street. I went there last night courtesy of the lovely Emily and Rob of Qype. The first thing to note is that despite the fact that I was having dinner with people I met on the internet (my mother will be horrified if she reads this) no one tried to kill me or spike my margarita. The second thing to note was that it was free.

Some people who write blogs have long disclaimers about how they never accept things for free, you may notice that there is nothing like that here. I love free stuff. Don’t worry I do have some ethics. I will still express my honest opinion, even if something was free, except for the fact that food always tastes just a tiny bit better when you haven’t paid for it.

Free or not, Benito’s Hat is pretty good for quick and easy Mexican food. The restaurant itself is fairly utilitarian, however it has a fun atmosphere with a constant stream of people in the door for takeaway or to snare a spot at one of the handful of tables.

When you are ordering it is hard to go past the burritos which are huge servings. Ben, the owner who has thrown in life as a tax lawyer to start up Benito’s Hat (clearly a hero for all frustrated wage slaves) recommends the pork. You can design your own burrito at the counter so I got my soft floury burrito packed with shreds of pork, pungent black beans, cheese, sour cream, tangy salsa, rice and creamy guacamole. The girl serving me asked if I wanted sour cream or cheese. I had not realised this was an “or” question. Clearly both are mandatory.

It wasn’t a pretty sight so no picture of the burrito for you, but it was tasty. Perhaps not quite the standard of my favourite burritos at Luardo’s, but still very good. It’s the little details that make Benito’s Hat though. Along with burritos and tacos they serve Margaritas that will put hair on your back and fantastic bunelos a Mexican dessert of sugared wafers much like a biscuit version of Spanish churros served with good quality vanilla ice cream.

Benito’s Hat is a slick operation and I can imagine it being rolled out across the country, although that does seem a shame as the thing I like most about Benito’s hat is that it is a small business with the owner behind the counter smiling as he fills your burrito.

Details: 56 Goodge street, Fitzrovia, London W1T4NB (Ph: 020 7637 3732)
Damage: such a bargain my mother would approve

Gourmet Chick was invited to review Benito’s Hat and received a complimentary meal and drinks.  All restaurant reviews except where stated are conducted anonymously and paid for personally.  


  1. So how’d Benito’s burritos stack up against those of Tortilla and Mucho Mas on Upper Street?

    It seems London is seeing a (mini) invasion of ready-to-franchise burrito places. No complaints from me, of course. Competition can only improve everyone’s standards in the long-run. [Spoken like a true capitalist.]

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. Yes burritos seem to be the flavour of the moment. I haven’t tried Tortilla or Mucho Mas so will have to get there.

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