The George

The George, located slap bang on the Strand in the centre of London, is primarily a pub not a gastro pub. And the key to ordering food in pubs is to stick to pub type meals. Don’t be tempted by that risotto or Thai chicken curry it will undoubtedly disappoint. Order the bangers and mash instead. Sadly for me, when I headed to The George with MTV boyfriend and Tanner I forgot to follow my own rules.


The George is a lovely old timber fronted pub that is suitably old enough that Samuel Johnson the creator of the first dictionary used to spend time there. Inside it is fairly plain with lots of dark wood panelling and fairly utilitarian furniture.

We were in the mood for some beers and food that we could share so we ordered a large nachos and the “Asian platter”. The nachos were not bad. They were slathered in plenty of melted cheese and guacamole and the salsa had a little bit of a kick. However the Asian platter was truly insipid. It comprised a jumble of deep fried prawns and spring rolls that had clearly been purchased from the freezer section of somewhere like Iceland. Heated up they gave off a lunar yellow glow as they nestled on limp pieces of lettuce leaves. Once they were in your mouth it was hard to distinguish the bland taste of the spring rolls from that of the prawns.

It was clear that when it comes to pubs, the rules were not made to be broken.

Details: 213 The Strand, WC2 (Ph 020 7353 9638)

Damage: Reasonable


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