The Kitchen (and Veal Escalope Saltimbocca)

The Kitchen calls itself “an innovative new food space”. What it actually is a place where you can cook a meal (or several) while sipping on a glass of wine and living out your fantasies (or is that just me) of being a Michelin star chef.

The fantasy about being a Michelin star chef comes about because you select a recipe and then a team of people have already washed, peeled, chopped and measured your ingredients. It is like what I would imagine having a team of sous chefs would be like. They even do the washing up. Best of all there is a real authentic Michelin star chef (Thierry Laborde) on hand to give you tips.
So all you do is artfully create the meals (while sipping on your glass of wine of course) and then they vacuum pack them for you (pictured). You take the meals home, perform a few finishing touches and voila, gourmet dinners.
Given that The Kitchen has only been open six weeks, my friend Joyce is somewhat of a regular having already been twice. Because she lives by herself she thinks it is a great way of having gourmet meals to eat at home, however I am not so sure if it is such good value if you are cooking for more than one. So while I wouldn’t want to go every week, it is a fun experience.
I chose to make the Veal Escalope Saltimbocca (finished product pictured), Stuffed Mediterranean Round Courgettes with Nicoise Vegetables and Stuffed Squid in a seafood broth. My only disappointment with The Kitchen is that they don’t let you keep the recipe for what you are cooking as otherwise it would be a great way to learn new recipes. However, using my powers of deduction, the following is how to make Veal Escalope Saltimbocca in The Kitchen style:
Veal Escalope Saltimbocca with green beans and Sicilian lemons
Ingredients (for two)
2 veal escalopes
1 ball of mozzarella cut into four slices
2 slices of parma ham
1 sprig of sage
2 cups green beans
4 shallots diced
1/2 lemon
1 tbsp butter
salt and black pepper
1. Place each escalope on top of a slice of parma ham. 
2. Place two slices of mozzarella and a couple of sage leaves on the right hand side of each veal escalope then fold the escalope in half and secure with a skewer.
3. Cook the beans in a small pan of boiling salted water for 3 mins then drain the beans. 
4. At the same time heat a non stick frying pan over medium heat and add a little olive oil.
5. Fry the Saltimbocca 2 mins per side on a medium heat. Place the butter in the pan, melt and baste the meat with melted butter.
6. Squeeze in the lemon juice and baste the meat again. Remove the Saltimbocca and leave to rest.
7. Empty the excess oil from the pan, return to the heat and add the shallots, stir and add the beans to heat through. 
8. Season with salt and pepper to taste then serve with the Saltimbocca.


  1. ….and at the end deglaze the pan with a glass of white wine and you have a good sauce.

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