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As Miso Cod is to Nobu and Snail Porridge is to The Fat Duck so Crunchy Tuna Rolls are to Pham Sushi. You simply cannot come to Pham Sushi without eating the Crunchy Tuna Rolls (pictured). I eat here all the time and I find it physically impossible to leave them off my order. The secret is that the tuna that tops the rolls is lightly seared so that it has a slight crunch to it. It is a fabulous counterpoint to the sticky sushi rice and whoever thought of it was clearly a genius.

Pham Sushi is an unassuming little restaurant tucked away on Whitecross street. The restaurant space is tiny so it is best to book and the decor is fairly non-descript. The atmosphere could be described as peaceful or just lacking. Don’t worry though the sushi is good – perfect in it’s simplicity and vibrantly coloured. It is also hard to resist Pham Sushi’s Nasudengaku with the silken eggplant smothered in sweet miso. Hot dishes such as the Tori Yaki Udon which comprises Udon noodles with chicken and vegetables and the Beef bento box are decent enough but not in the same league as the sushi.

Nevertheless, Pham Sushi is a real gem of a place and those Crunchy Tuna Rolls will keep me coming back.

Details: 159 Whitecross street, Barbican, EC1Y8JL (Ph 0207 336 7620)
Damage: Reasonable
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  1. Great tip . . . I’m always looking for good sushi as well as good places to eat near Barbican, so your recommendation is really a two-for-one.

  2. I love this place. I eat here at least once a month, if not twice or three times. Prices have gotten steeper over the years, and I sorta liked it better when the crunchy tuna roll was an “off the menu” item. But it’s still a solid option.

  3. foodtravelstyle!

    Hi , whilst i love your favourable review of beloved Pham it might be worthwhile to point out that it isnt the tuna that is seared, making the crunchy tuna rolls so amazing, it is that the rolls themselves are dipped in tempura batter and fried….naughty but oh so nice !!

  4. If you love crunchy tuna roll, then you should try the ones at Mai Sushi on Chalton Street in Kings Cross. Maybe there it’s even better!

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