Taqueria is not glitzy or glamorous. It’s a no fuss Mexican restaurant but that’s how its many fans like it best. If only all ambitions in life could be fulfilled so easily as my humble ambition to eat at Taqueria in Notting Hill. You see Taqueria is less than five minutes walk from my flat and consistently garners rave reviews for its frill free Mexican cuisine so it was something of an embarrassment that I had not managed to eat there. Back in December last year I dutifully recorded a meal at Taqueria as one of my ambitions for 2009 (don’t worry about world peace, sadly these were all food related). On Saturday night with no reservation MTV boyfriend and I braved the lengthy journey from our flat, strolled into Taqueria, ordered some tacos and there we were, ambition fulfilled.


The decor is fairly spartan at Taqueria and so is the service. Our waitress was not able to offer much guidance on the menu and managed to repeatedly forget our orders of food and drinks. Wine is served in tumbler glasses and a metal container of cutlery and serviettes is plonked on each table. Never mind though, the food for these prices is pretty good.

The special of soft tacos filled with slow cooked lamb (pictured) was tender although a bit bland until I doused it in some chile sauce. MTV boyfriend’s choice of Alambres, soft tacos featuring grilled skirt steak, mushrooms and capsicums folded into melted cheese were more exciting although this may just be further proof of the well worn adage that everything tastes better with cheese.

We ordered the Aguacate salad on the side which was a refreshing bowl of diced avocado dripping with lime, onion and a sprinkling of coriander. The Elote was not as successful as the half corn cob with a smear of mayonnaise and chile powder seemed comparatively miserly for £2.50.

We finished off the meal with a serve of churros. I could be picky and say they were not as fresh and fluffy as I would have liked but at these prices I should not really complain. Taqueria is as cheap as chips and if a no nonsense Mexican feed is your life (or years) ambition look no further.

Details: 139-143 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2RS (Ph 0207 229 4734)

Damage: Such a bargain even my mother would approve.


If you liked this you might be interested in the funky nearby Mexican restaurant Crazy Homies. It is more expensive but in my view more atmospheric. In the City try cheap and quick Benito’s Hat for a burrito fix. If you are feeling inspired try my recipe for authentic Chile Rellanos which I picked up in Mexico.

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  1. I haven’t been back to Taqueria in over two years after having had a terrible dinner there (though I did see David Cameron, which was entertaining).

    Part of my problem was my needing to order a lot of tacos to feel full, so I remember thinking prices were quite high for a taco meal (£6-9 for a two-taco serving). And then my other problem was how Jon and my multiple orders of tacos appeared instantly after we placed our order, and it all tasted stale and flavorless. Not at all fresh-off-the-taco-truck like you’d get in Mexico (or even California).

    That said, I’ve now seen several bloggers write about enjoyable, cheap outings there. And I do miss tacos. So thanks for reminding me the Taqueria is still out there and maybe not so awful.

  2. I did only give it a 6 out of 10 so I do agree that there are definite short comings. Very funny that you saw David Cameron there.

  3. Please try Mestizo – their service is usually friendlier, and their tacos divine! There’s also an eat all you can brunch on Sundays that offers fantastically good value 🙂

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