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Wine and chocolate. Is there a better combination of flavours in the world? Perhaps oysters and champagne are a contender but wine and chocolate has to be up there. So you can imagine my delight when I was invited to a wine and chocolate tasting evening and Green and Blue in East Dulwich.

Green and Blue is a completely charming wine store with an attached bar/cafe area. The name Green and Blue comes from the colours of the grapes for wine and the focus is very much on wine. The wine list has an emphasis on small independent producers and organic and sustainably made wines. Green and Blue is also a great place to drink wine as the mark up is relatively low.
This night though was about both wine and chocolate and a lucky group of food bloggers were tasting both. After never having met a food blogger before, in the space of a week I have managed to meet quite a few and it was lovely to get to know the people behind Food Stories, Cheese and Biscuits, Dinner Diary, Around Britain with a Paunch and Chocolate Chilli Cupcakes. I do want to say from the outset that none of us paid for the evening and we were invited so this is not an anonymous review in my usual style but I will try as always to be honest.
Each chocolate was carefully paired with a wine. Kate Thal, one of the owners of Green and Blue, explained that as a general rule white wine and chocolate do not go well together so all the wines we tasted were reds with the exception of one dessert wine. We started the evening with a glass of Amisfield Pinot Noir from New Zealand along with some milk chocolate. The chocolate was all from Montezuma a fantastic little British chocolate maker that supplies Green and Blue with organic fairtrade chocolate.
Pinot Noir and chocolate is apparently a classic combination and I can’t say that I disagree. I love Pinot Noir and this one was fruity and elegant. However the highlight of the night was the Radford Merlot from South Africa which was paired with Montezuma’s “the dark side” chocolate. The Merlot was best described by someone far more literate in wine than me as “gothic”. The best way that I can describe it is to say that it was rich and earthy and the high tannin count perfectly complemented the 50% cocoa solids of the dark side chocolate. Try it if you can, this wine and chocolate combination should be mandatory.

Green and Blue isn’t actually a restaurant and so the food that they serve is limited to Ploughman’s boards, pies and other more simple fare. However, as a wise person once said the sign of a good cook is a good shopper and Green and Blue are good shoppers. All producers have been chosen with care. After our chocolate and wine tasting we were presented with good quality bread and a board heaving with gravalax, chorizo in red wine, Wenslydale cheese and other goodies. Just the perfect sort of food to nibble on when you are drinking wine.
I really enjoyed my evening at Green and Blue and just wish there was one at the end of my street rather than a complicated tube and overland train ride away in East Dulwich. As a food lover, if I was a regular customer I would probably wish for some more food offerings, but I really could not have been happier with the Ploughman’s board.
Details: 38 Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, SE22 8HJ (Ph 020 8693 9250)
Damage: Reasonable (but obviously free in this case)
If you liked this you might be interested in reading about pairing wine with Japanese food at Tsuru or if this has made you hungry for chocolate read my post on the fabulous Melt.
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  1. My favourites: chocolate and champagne! And oysters aren’t bad either.

  2. My ‘Gothic’ comment was actually about the Bandol Domaine la Suffrene and the black chocolate. I thought it was so dark and brooding without any girlie sweetness at all that it had a touch of horror film about it! I also enjoyed the South African Radford Dale Merlot too though.
    I’ll be posting about this event on Chocolate Chilli Cupcakes this Friday. In the meantime i look forward to reading some more of Gourmet Chick’s adventures!!

  3. I have friends in east Dulwich and I always fancied going in there. I’m not normally a fan of ploughmans boards but those look particularly good.

  4. A Girl has to Eat – yes I must admit that chocolate and champagne is pretty good as well

    Chocolate Chilli – look forward to reading about it

    Neil – I fyou have friends in East Dulwich Green and Blue makes an excellent excuse for a visit!

  5. I often present bread on a board at the table, it’s much more rustic, so when I saw the pic of the ploughman’s I was delighted! How good does that look!!

  6. After several wine courses and tastings with Kate and her team, I cannot recommend their concept enough. The greatest shame is that their Clapham North branch closed on NYE. RIP

    BTW… try a glass of rose champagne as a companion to chocolate desert … it works really well.

  7. Lesley – I have seen the board used as a plate at a few restaurants (particularly for steak) it does make a nice touch and good idea to recreate at home.

    Gregory – Rose Champagne with chocolate dessert sounds brilliant.

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