Market in Aix en Provence (Gourmet Chick in France)

I have been lucky enough in London and in my home town of Melbourne to have access to some fantastic markets. However I do question whether any market can compare to the markets in Provence. I spent this weekend in Aix en Provence with my friends Joyce, Huy and Miranda and we were able to catch the “big” market which is the largest in all of Provence. There was a lot of eating done over the course of the weekend, so much so that as I sit here typing this on Sunday night all that I can stomach for dinner is a piece of toast (highly unusual for me I promise).

To give you a flavour of the weekend here are some shots from the market.

The air was heavy with the scent of lemons while mandarins and oranges were in abundance, jostling for space on the market stalls. The fruit and vegetables shimmered and dazzled in the bright light of the Provencal morning sun showing how they had inspired so many artists.

There were Calissons stacked high (a local sweet which I will post more on later) tempting and teasing in their symmetrical arrangements.

We bought slices of Comte and parma ham to nibble on as we browsed the stalls and cursed our baggage restrictions. Perhaps a whole saussion could be squeezed on board via hand luggage?

Details: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 9.30 -1.00, Place de Verdun, Aix-en-Provence, France


  1. Fantastic! I love France and I think I am due for a trip there soon.

  2. Hi Gourmet Chick, following on from the question you left on my blog about River Cafe, the special lunch menu is only available Mon-Fri. Hope that helps.

  3. Hi

    I just found you site & enjoyed wandering around.
    I love markets!! The different smells from the stalls, the bustling of people, the friendly stall vendors, especially the ones who offer their produce for you to try!! My favourite is Borough Market, London.
    I love your photo’s of the “big market”
    thank you for sharing :0)

  4. Toulouse is also worth a trip.

    Victor Hugo market, whilst not large is fantastic quality. MTV would enjoy Louchebem above the market for a beef fix.

    A great weekend especially if a rugby match is involved.

  5. A Girl Has To Eat – Such a shame the menu is not available on the weekends and such a shame I have a full time job so no hope of getting there during the week…

    Lesley – Thanks very much. I agree the Borough Market is fantastic and samples are always welcome as far as I am concerned.

    Gregory – I would love to go to Toulouse I hear it is quite a culinary destination. MTV boyfriend would also enjoy the rugby side of things.

  6. Cette chambre d’hotes présente de nombreuses qualités : silence, chambre propre, spacieuse et récente, salle de bain de qualité super. La literie est excellente. La table et le petit déjeuner ne se veulent pas ostentatoires pourtant la fraicheur des ingrédients et l’association des saveurs méritent un détour. Nous sommes prêts à revenir !

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