Pinkies (Gourmet Chick in Italy)

The great thing about spending a weekend skiing in Italy is working up a huge appetite so that you can do justice to the fantastic Italian food. This weekend I was in Sestiere in the Italian Alps. Every day was sunny with clear blue skies and every meal was delicious.


A perfect example was the apres ski institution in Sestiere, Pinky’s. I admit that it is not the best name, and the decor of leopard skin banquette seating is pretty tacky but you cannot fault the food. Pizzas are Pinkies specialty and in true Italian style the pizzas are thin crust with a basic but classic toppings.

The Pinkies special boasted a smoky crisp base thinly topped with napoli sauce, mushrooms, mozzarella and fresh tomatoes. It was everything you could wish for in a pizza but probably the best pizza served was the simplest. The Quattro Formaggi or four cheese pizza. What more could you want after a days skiing then a quadruple overload of rich cheese.

Details: Fraiteve 5/N, Sestiere, Italy (Ph 0122 76441)

Damage: Reasonable


If you enjoyed this you can read about my brilliant meal at Donna Rosa on the Amalfi coast in Italy or for a taste of Italy in London try the Milanese bakery Princi.


  1. I’ve just been for lunch, but that picture of pizza looks cracking – I’m hungry all over again now.
    Incidentally, best Pizza I’ve ever eaten was from a little takeway place in Romes- Torre Argentina. Gorgeous and dirt cheap.

  2. Pizza is pretty much perfect at any time, in my opinion but I can see why you particularly enjoyed this one!

    The new design looks good 🙂

  3. Pizza sounds awesome! I enjoyed reading all your restaurant reviews! I should have a few London restaurant reviews coming up in mid-April after I come back from vacation there.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I wanted to make sure you get the answer to your question on Meyer lemons – it doesn’t look like Meyer lemons are available in Europe. They are original to China and were introduced to US in 1908. They are a cross between a lemon and a mandarin and are sweeter and more complex in flavor.

  4. Dan – I will have to bear that in mind when I do a proper trip to Rome (on the wish list)

    Ginger – Agreed. Thanks very much.

    5 Star Foodie – I will have to hunt them out next time I am in the US. They sound fantastic. Have a great trip to London. Let me know if you want any recommendations.

  5. Don’t they just make the best pizza’s!!!
    I hate flying, but when we landed at Genoa…they had 2 pizza ovens in the airport…how civilised!
    Suddenly I looked forward to flying home…just to get another one LOL Great post..thanks for sharing…

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