Gourmet Chick turns one

Today I am celebrating Gourmet Chick’s first birthday.  About one year ago today I first created Gourmet Chick as a way of allowing me to indulge my passion for food.  Rather than boring my friends and MTV boyfriend half to death by waxing lyrical about the restaurant I had just been to or the recipe I had just perfected I decided that the internet was the perfect medium to share these thoughts with people who may actually be interested.  Amazingly, it appears that some people are and it is a constant source of delight to me to receive comments or emails from people who read Gourmet Chick.  Please do keep them coming, as it avoids the strange sensation of feeling that you are talking to yourself which is something I try to avoid except when drinking alone.  

Birthday tartlette purchased from Rue de Cler in Paris
In terms of the huge expanse of the internet Gourmet Chick is a tiny drop in the ocean but it has grown steadily each month in terms of unique visits starting from very humble beginnings:


  This Year's Visits and Page Views by Month
A special mention to those sources that send the most traffic Gourmet Chick’s way and I recommend that you check them out if you are not already an avid reader.

1.  Londonelicious:  One of the original London restaurant blogs there is barely a restaurant or cafe out there that Krista has not been to.  Pithy and entertaining Londonelicious is wildly popular and deservedly so.
2.  London-Eating:  Great restaurant review site.  Each restaurant listing features a snippet from a review by a food blogger and Gourmet Chick is featured in relation to lots of restaurants which is quite an honour.  
3.   American in London:   Evocative and comprehensive reviews of restaurants in London and around the world.  If you are planning a holiday be sure to check here first as undoubtedly American in London will have been there already and done all the hard research for you.  
4.  Urbanspoon:  Worldwide restaurant review site which includes an aggregate in each restaurant listing of links to every professional and food blog review of the restaurant.  A great site for finding out who is talking about restaurants and which restaurants they are talking about.   
5.  World Foodie Guide:  A mixture of restaurant reviews and recipes which is my go to guide when I am researching Asian restaurants and in particular dim sum.  


  1. Happy Blog Birthday!

  2. Happy blog birthday! I had no idea Gourmet Chick was so young – it’s such a great blog, I always check out your posts and enjoy your reports, keep them coming!

  3. Many happy returns Gourmet Chick. It’s always a pleasure linking to your reviews and we’re very jealous of your foodie adventures outside of London. Here’s to another year of culinary hedonism πŸ™‚

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Happy Birthday to your Blog Gourmet chick.
    Congratulations, I really enjoy reading your posts. Here’s to another good year 2009-2010!

    *previous post deleted for ridiculous spelling error.

  6. Happy blog birthday!

  7. Happy birthday! What exciting news, and to think it’s already been a whole year. Thanks for the mention, you’re also one of my top referrers!

  8. Happy 1st birthday! Hope you’ll celebrate in worthy foodie style?

  9. Happy Blog-iversary! I have a feeling your next year will be even better than the first!

  10. Happy blog-birthday! We have lots of links to you on RGL too πŸ™‚

  11. Happy birthday! I do love your blog… and am happy you’re getting stronger month by month πŸ™‚ Keep it up!

  12. Happy whateveritis day. x

  13. I cannot believe it’s been only a year since you started GC. To many more years of funny, smart blogging, and may your traffic always be ginormous! [And being in Paris is a great celebration opportunity, no?]

  14. Jules – thanks very much

    Boo – thanks I enjoy reading your blog as well

    Kate – many thanks for the links and good wishes much appreciated.

    Dan – many thanks and you are not alone in ridiculous spelling errors…

    TC – thanks

    Helen – good to hear

    A forkful – I am in Paris so the perfect place to celebrate!

    Krista – thanks v much

    Kake – thanks very much for the links at RG much appreciated

    Catty – thanks

    Neil – who knew you could have both a birthday celebration and a blog birthday!

    American in London – hear hear

  15. Congratulations reaching the one year mark, it is surely a crowning achievement and a rewarding experience. Gourmet Chick is a wonderful addition to the internet and to London; I enjoy your reviews both in London and especially your food escapades from your holidays. Keep up the great great work, and I wish you much success in the coming years πŸ˜€

  16. Yay! Go you! I can only hope my blog is as popular by the time I reach my first birthday! πŸ™‚

  17. Kang – thanks for your lovely comment

    Kavey – I am sure it will be

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