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People love to recommend places that serve “the best Sunday roast in London”. On this basis I have headed to Angel to try the roast on offer at The Old Queen’s Head and closer to home tried The Holly Bush. So far, my view has been that if this is the best London has to offer, I will stick to cooking my own Sunday roasts. Still, when Claire promised that a pub in Knightsbridge, The Pantechnicon had “the best Sunday roast in London” I was still interested.
The Pantechnicon is run by the same people behind The Thomas Cubitt and just like that fine establishment it is so posh that it can be barely called a pub. I am almost surprised to find that the place still serves beer. Nestled on a quaint cobbled road there are a handful of outdoor tables but the best place to be at this time of year is inside in the bright, airy dining room. On a Sunday the place is packed, filled with males with their collars up and females with well maintained blonde highlights.
Once you have managed to pronounce the name (apparently panatechnicon was a term for horse drawn delivery carriages) the next issue is when to go. No bookings are taken for Sunday roasts so it is best to get there before noon to avoid having to wait for a table. There are three choices of roasts: beef, pork and chicken. The pick of the bunch though is the chicken as you get a whole corn fed, organic bird between two (£15 each). The chicken arrives at the table bronzed and with crispy skin on a cast iron try. Alongside are broccolini, rounds of stuffing and the most fantastic potatoes roasted in duck fat until they are crackling on the outside and fluffy and soft inside. You also receive two small copper saucepans of gravy and bread sauce.
It’s not the cheapest roast you can get in London, but aside from one that is home cooked, I think it is best. The produce used is top quality and the portions are generous. The food may be simple but it is accomplished. Let me know if you think there a better Sunday roast in London (besides your Mums of course).
Details: 10 Motcomb street, Knightsbridge SW1X 8LA (Ph 020 7730 6074) Tube: Knightsbridge
Damage: Reasonable
Nearby you can also try The Botanist in Sloane Square (expect a similar crowd to that at The Pantechnicon) or for something completely different Sake No Hana, Alan Yau’s high end Japanese restaurant.

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  1. I’ve all but given up trying to find a good Sunday roast in London but you’ve re-kindled my desire. I love the Harwood Arms and I hear their Sunday lunch is good so I’m going to check that out.

  2. I love the presentation! How gorgeous!
    Have heard rave reviews about the Harwood Arms – I intend to check that out too.

  3. I can’t remember the last time I had a proper Sunday lunch! I love roast chicken when it’s properly done, crispy skin and tender meat…

  4. You should try the Red Lion in Barnes. Great roast and pub menu. Also – it’s a beautiful pub with deck and garden – absolutely goregous in the summer to sit outside.

  5. I’m quite partial to the roast at Lamberts in Balham.

    Not cheap though

  6. I love the whole process of cooking a roast, so I rarely have one out. What a bizarre name…

  7. Ginger – I had given up as well – let me know how the Harwood arms goes

    LexEat – Another Harwood Arms recommendation, I am intrigued

    Helen – I agree, and so often it is not done well – such a simple meal but so satisfying.

    Anon – thanks for the tip

    RG – Haven’t heard of that place but sounds good – am prepared to pay for quality…

    Lizzie – It is a very satisfying meal to cook because everyone loves a roast and is impressed while it is actually dead easy, just a matter of having the time.

  8. Thanks for the recommendation, I will have to seek it out. I’m posting about a well-priced roast in a future Wee Birdy post, but it’s not necessarily the best in London.

    I take it there’s no vegie option at The Pantechnicon?

  9. HI GC

    Jsut to say, finally got round to visiting the Pantechnicon this sunday with my gf and sister and her bf and had a great sunday roast. We went for the steak option for the main which was well cooked and of ample proprtions. I also had the butternut squash tart to begin with which was also a winner. We did go a little heavy ont he wine and booze so the damage was heavy but thanks for reccomending the place, it was well worth a visit.

    p.s the y also take bookings now for sunday, well at least for us they did.

  10. Wee Birdy – No vegie option for the roasts but there are vegie options on the main menu.

    Dex – Good to hear you enjoyed it and thanks for letting me know about the Sunday bookings.

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