Courgette carbonara

I love experimenting with food and cooking new and elaborate recipes but to be honest that sort of cooking is strictly for weekends when I have the time. If I am eating at home on a weeknight and prefer something speedy and straight forward. This is where this courgette carbonara comes in. It is quick and simple to rustle up after work. The pasta has the creamy silky taste of carbonara with the twist of strands of courgette mixed in with the pasta to add texture and colour.

70g cubed pancetta

100g button mushrooms, sliced

2 courgettes (zucchinis), grated
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 egg yolk
5 tbsp single cream
30g parmesan grated
150g fettucini
Salt and pepper to season
1. Cook the pancetta and mushrooms in a dry, non stick pan for 4 minutes or until the pancetta is crisp and the mushrooms are browned. There is no need to add oil or butter as there is enough fat on the pancetta itself.
2. Add the grated courgette and garlic and cook for 8 minutes or until the courgette is softened and cooked through.
3. Meanwhile, mix the egg, cream and parmesan and season with pepper.
4. Cook the pasta and lift it out of the water with tongs straight into the courgette pan. If a little of the pasta water also drips in the pan this will loosen your sauce.
5. Mix well and then take the pan off the heat and toss with the egg and cream mix. Season to serve.
Serves 2. Recipe adapted from a similar recipe in Olive magazine.
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  1. Interesting. I’m going to give Cowie a shock and try this on her.

  2. It looks delicious. The cream addition is a controversial one but then I guess so is the courgettes! I like to add a bit of greenery to my pasta dishes too.

  3. Sounds like a good way to get a vegetable into carbonara. It wouldn’t normally have any veg in it would it?

  4. I like the idea of adding courgettes to mask the total heart-attack-in-a-bowl nature of the carbonara. Yum.

  5. I had something just like this in Sardinia – ta for the recipe. Although my husband is vegetarian (I know…) – so would it be OK without the pancetta? xx

  6. Friends made something similar for us last weekend – and I must say I loved the addition of grated veggies with the pasta – something about being the same thickness, but a little surprise.

  7. Jonathan – good luck

    Lizzie – Every bit of greenery helps I think

    Sarah – No carbonara has no veg and although delicious it is really pretty unhealthy so this recipe gives it a bit of a makeover

    American in London – heart attack in a bowl is what it is for sure

    Top Bird – It would be fine without pancetta (although of course always better with pancetta!) I would just add in some more mushrooms maybe.

    Lex Eat – good to hear

  8. I often make something along these lines, but I’m too lazy to grate the courgettes – I just chop ’em! Yummy combo though.

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