Gourmet Giveaway – Valentines Breakfast in Bed

So Valentines day is rolling around again. I think you know my views on the subject – overpriced, overhyped and designed to make singletons feel miserable. From a food lovers point of view it is impossible to get a booking at a decent restaurant and if you do, many restaurants hike their prices and put on special Valentines day set menus. That said, I don’t like to ignore Valentines day entirely (hint, hint, MTV boyfriend). Last year, MTV boyfriend and I went out for breakfast instead. You can go one better this year and enter this competition to win Valentines Day breakfast in bed.

The lovely people of Interflora, well known for their Valentines day flowers also do hampers for a perfect breakfast in bed. The hamper contains:
– a stained white wooden breakfast tray;
– a bottle of Buck’s fizz;
– 4 butter croissants,
– mini jars of raspberry conserve and marmalade;
– Scottish smoked salmon;
– coffee;
– Duchy’s Originals teabags; and
– two champagne flutes (total hamper worth £29.99).
You can win it by just leaving a comment below before 5pm on 12 February 2010. To enter you must be 18+ and must be a UK resident due to the nature of the prize. A winner will be drawn using the random website and announced that same day.


  1. What a lovely giveaway! Don’t know about DH, but I could certainly do with a nice relaxing breakfast in bed – valentines day or not.

  2. I would love that! Thats a really nice giveaway 🙂

  3. Ooh ooh, pick me, pick me! Really lovely giveaway.

  4. That looks delightful for *any* day of the week, let alone Valentine’s.

  5. I adore breakfast in bed and a really different and unique way to spend any Sunday in bed whether valentines day or not. Who needs love when you have salmone and a glass of fizzy!!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win.

  6. What a fantastic prize. I would love to win this.

  7. Oh my god this would be fantastic. Fingers crossed!

  8. Ooh lovely! Well smoked salmon and champagne both rock my boat so I’d be stupid not to enter this.

  9. what a fab give away, i am lucky i get breakfast in bed for my birthday but as the children make it it does not look like this one. if i am lucky i will get hubby to make it !!

  10. OH WOW! what a great idea! My bf and i are not planning anything speacial this year due to upcoming nuptuals…but this would be soooo wonderful!!! x

  11. Oooh excellent giveaway! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  12. You know, I’d forgotten that Valentine’s Day was this coming Sunday, so when I called Launceston Place to make a booking for this Saturday (for Jon and me, along with another couple), I was unpleasantly surprised when the restaurant told me I’d have to order off a “special V Day menu” for GBP 65. Considering LP’s typical menu is GBP 45, I was non-plussed.

    While the possibility of watching couples cope with the pointlessly high expectations of V Day was tempting, in the end we decided to eat in this coming Saturday!

  13. Nice competition GC! Lantana’s the ideal place for a Valentines Day meal if you ask me. It’s more than a bit cringy restaurants being full of couples. This year me and my chap are going for burgers at Hawskmoor, very romantic!

  14. I think Valentines day is over-hyped too but I won’t mind this giveaway! Hope you pick me. Thanks

  15. Can’t say no to this! What a nice idea 🙂

  16. I always think Valentine’s day is for couples who aren’t romantic any other day of the year. This sounds like a lovely treat.

  17. champagne in bed? yes, please.

  18. Can I have it pls pls! Will celebrate both V day and my husbands Bday :).

  19. Wow… since I’m recently single and cringing at the thought of Valentine’s Day, this could be a good way to perk myself up…or stock up on emotional eating treats.

  20. I don’t believe in Valentine’s day as a commercial day but believe in telling the person you love how important they are and how much you care for them. Breakfast in bed with a package like this one screams just that. Perfect.

  21. I don’t remember the last time I was brought breakfast in bed. *Sob*

  22. Yum Yum! send it my way please 🙂

  23. Fantastic giveaway 🙂

  24. Woo hoo – finally a giveaway where I didn’t miss the deadline by mere hours 🙂 Count me in. Breakfast in bed is a long-time obsession of mine…

  25. I’d like to enter please 🙂 I could do with brekkie in bed!

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