Top Ten Créme Brulées in London

Regular readers will know that MTV boyfriend is a man of habits. If he sees certain dishes on a restaurant menu it takes him an almost super human feat of will power to order anything different. I am the opposite and like ordering whatever appears to be weird and wonderful. However MTV boyfriend’s ordering tactics prove to be very useful when trying to size one restaurant up against another. After all you should compare apples with apples right? Or in this case, créme brulée with créme brulée. Here is the definitive list of MTV boyfriends ranking of créme brulée in London. Of course a list like this is never finished and I will endeavour to update it regularly when a new créme brulée hits the top ten.
MTV boyfriend rates the créme brulée here as the best in London. It was perfectly caramalised on top so that the the surface was thick but still breakable with a good hit of the spoon. The créme brulée had been caramalised immediately before being brought to the table so the heat from the blow torch or grill had warmed the créme brulée throughout. It had a silky smooth taste and was served with a lemon flavoured biscuit as an accompaniment.
At this classic French restaurant the créme brulée has a great vanilla bean flavour and a smooth and luxurious texture. It nearly took the crown but was just pipped at the post.
If you can get a booking in this tiny hole in the wall restaurant you are doing well. The créme brulée is a golden caramel on top with a subtle lemon flavour inside. MTV declared this créme brulée as very close to perfection.
The créme brulée is actually called the “village brulee” here but despite the name it is a pretty classic take on the créme brulée. MTV boyfriend declared it very good indeed.
The créme brulée at The Larder is excellent with a nice thick coating of caramel on top which gives a satisfying thwack when hit with a spoon.
Créme brulée is “thyme infused” and served with a strawberry and raspberry coulis. Tasty and interesting but MTV boyfriend’s view is don’t mess around with the classics like créme brulée too much.
The créme brulée has a slightly burnished caramel topping and a lovely silky smooth texture but disappointingly was served stone cold with not even a residue of heat from the caramelisation process. Not a bad effort but you expect perfection at these prices.
The créme brulée is topped with tiny blueberries. Quite well cooked but on the small side.
Créme brulée is decent enough but on our visit had been reheated rather than caramlised prior to serving. I think the French would disapprove.
The Rapscallion’s créme brulée was a disaster. It wasn’t set properly so it resembled runny custard with a floating caramel top. A disgrace to créme brulée everywhere.
If you liked reading this you might be interested in my fool proof recipe for making your own créme brulée.


  1. Brilliant! Your version should surely make the top ten, no? 🙂

  2. Love creme brulee and have only tried one off the list. Will have to make my own way through, a worthy endeavour I feel.

    And you are going to have to stop calling him MTV boyfriend but MTV husband soon 😉

  3. Handy list as my husband also loves loves loves the créme brulée!

  4. Interesting. Can you run through which of these are served hot? I think cold creme brulee misses the point. Glad to see the top ranking one comes straight from the grill/torch.

  5. Brilliant! Will definitely refer to this in future!

    Does MTV boyfriend now become MTV hubby? Or Mr Gourmet Chick? Maybe Gourmet Rooster?

  6. Graphic Foodie – I think so!

    Tehbus – I know it just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

    Kavey – seems to be quite a male thing…

    Ben – I agree, they were all served hot except where listed.

    Lex Eat – love the suggestions will put them to him

  7. Ummm guess what I’m craving right now? A very comprehensive list. I definitely prefer warm creme brulee too 🙂

  8. Gosh that is a very impressive list – I only tried Chez Bruce’s though, and I love it. What an interesting angle for a post, you must have been collating this info for ages! Well done.

  9. I love creme brulee but have never made it myself at home since I keep putting it off until I have a cook’s blow torch.

    My perfect creme brulee is one where the sugar makes a satisfying crack on the top but that the pieces of caramel are not so thick they get stuck in your teeth.

    Have you seen the bit in Amelie where she is thinking about creme brulee? It’s quite near the start.

  10. Yum! Yet more restaurants to add to my list to try.

  11. Laura – I just had my first chocolate creme brulee – quite delicious! Yes warmed is best. Stone cold brulee is no fun.

    London Foodie – It is more MTV boyfriends obsession that has allowed me to be so comprehensive…

    Sarah – yes I love Amelie – even went to the restaurant in Paris where it was filmed (clearly obsessed)

    Skirmish of wit – I will try and keep this list updated if I find any other creme brulees of note

  12. Hehe what a great post! And how fun to research that too! 😀

  13. MTV Boyfriend is a Man very much after my own heart. If Brulee is on the menu I always order it. My best in London was at the Blue Print Cafe, thats got to be the best in the country I’ve had so far.

  14. This is awesome! Thanks for flagging it up in your comment 🙂

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