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I must have been hiding under a rock. Well no, perhaps not a rock but in some sort of dazed post wedding fug as I knew Pierre Hermé was opening a store in London, but then I forgot all about it again. Until, this weekend when I was walking through the Selfridges food hall on a mission for duck fat (another story) and stumbled across the new Pierre Hermé concession. Apparently it has been open since the end of February which does lead me to question what I have been doing with my life when I could have been doing whatever I have been doing while simultaneously snacking on the most famous macarons in the world.

The store includes a fetching macaron sculpture. What a waste of perfectly edible macarons!
Disappointingly the Selfridges store does not carry Hermé’s famous pastries and is instead limited to macarons and chocolates. Still, having access in London to Hermé’s kooky flavour combinations and wizard skills with a meringue is not something to be sniffed at. A box of seven macarons costs £16 so prices are comparable with Paris where they are €16 (damn the ailing pound). All the same flavours are on offer including my personal favourite the passionfruit and chocolate macaron. The crisp shell of the macaron is a golden yellow colour flecked with chocolate spots and sandwiching a creamy filling of rich chocolate ganache. Biting in you get a sweet hit of passionfruit tempered with the rich chocolate taste. I couldn’t spot any specific flavours for England but perhaps Hermé will be inspired to create a strawberrys and cream macaron for Wimbledon or (more likely) a salt and vinegar macaron or fish and chips!
The macarons themselves
Details: Ground Floor, Selfridges, 400 Oxford Street, Mayfair W1A 1AB (Ph 0800 123 400) Tube: Bond Street
Damage: Pricey
If you liked reading this you might want to read my review of Pierre Hermé in Paris or for more macarons you can try Laudrée.


  1. Ha haa you’re like me – I get excited by news like Herme opening in London and then… I forget too!

    You’ve reminded me again.

    Let’s see if I make it there before I forget again!

  2. Pierre Herme Macarons are bloody gorgeous – incredibly expensive, but well worth treating yourself to now and again – all the easier they’re now available in London 🙂

  3. Did you try the strawberry and wasabi one? I can’t say I could taste a lot of wasabi on my day although others have said they did. My only regret is not buying them in a box, most of mine broke on the way home but they still tasted yummy. My fave was passionfruit which is weird because I don’t even like passionfruit very much. I wish I could get my own macarons to be so delicate even if it would make them as breakable.

  4. What did you think of these? I bought six and ate them all (sigh) and thought they were a little too soft. They don’t make them on-site. I’m fuzzy on the details, but if I remember correctly, the staff told me they ship them in from France.

    agree with Sarah though…strawberry and wasabi was fun.

  5. Oooh if only they opened one up here in Australia! That would be one brilliant moment indeed! 😀 I’ve heard the Laduree ones are expensive in London too.

  6. i am a sucker for Herme’s macarons….so excited! I just happen to be heading to oxford street for work this week…..will have to have a little treat!!!! haven’t been able to psych myself up to try making these gorgeous creations yet… 🙂

  7. Kavey – I know I am useless like that – lucky it is not just a pop up shop or I would probably have missed it all together!

    Dan – Expensive yes, but still cheaper than a cupcake and I think they certainly take more skill to make than cupcakes

    Sarah – No I didn’t next time! I agree a box is essential – they break so easily.

    Krista – Interesting – I wonder how they manage to ship so many without breaking them I imagine it would be hard they are so delicate.

    Lorraine – Well he seems to be expanding maybe he will make it to Australia at one stage

    Victoria – by all accounts they are almost impossible to make although Mowielicious and Maison Cupcake seem to have made some pretty near perfect attempts. I prefer to just buy them!

  8. I hit the Pierre Herme concession the day it opened! The macaroons are pricey, but so delicious and the perfect treat for a special occasion.

  9. He is opening up a full shop in London really soon where u will be able to get all the pastries and sweets 🙂
    *kisses* HH
    p.s. did u try the peach/saffron macaron, i thought it was pretty awesome

  10. Skirmish of Wit – I agree the perfect treat

    Heavenly housewife – Oh thanks for the tip

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