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Eggs Benedict is genius. It’s eggs covered in eggs. I mean come on, that person should be the president.” Wylie Dufresne

Freshly squeezed juice
Those familiar with MTV boyfriend’s tendency to order the same favourite dishes at restaurants (fillet steak followed by cremé brulee anyone?) will not be surprised to learn that when it comes to brunch Eggs Benedict is his dish of choice. I don’t think he is the only one with an Eggs Benedict obsession given this blog I have just discovered which is entirely devoted to Eggs Benedict in London! With a menu of brunch possibilities in front of him at the newly opened Cafe Luc he could not resist ordering the Eggs Benedict (£8.50). The eggs were perfectly poached so that the yolks oozed out but the whites were firm and the all important hollandaise sauce slathered over the eggs was thick and creamy. Cafe Luc’s Eggs Benedict is certainly up there, perhaps not quite achieving the absolute perfection of the Eggs Benedict at Raoul’s but in that stratosphere.
Eggs Benedict with a side of mushrooms
You probably wouldn’t expect anything less from a place with Cafe Luc’s pedigree. It is run by Julie Van Oostende and her father Luc Van Oostende after whom the cafe is named. You may not have heard of the Van Oostende’s before but you have probably been to one of their cafes as Luc Van Oostende founded the Le Pain Quotidien chain. Cafe Luc, is quite different to the cafe chain though, it is seriously slick and has an all day and all night brassiere feel to it in the style of The Electric in Notting Hill. Plush chocolate leather booths line the walls and the centre piece is the copper bar which is decorated with amber coloured glass. Every detail has been carefully thought out right down to the Diptyque products in the gleaming bathrooms.
Greek yoghurt and berries
This attention to detail comes through in the service as well which is pretty much five star. On our visit there were ten staff members on the floor for about twenty patrons. I presume this is a factor of Cafe Luc being newly opened and still building up customers but at the moment the staff to customer ratio is Michelin standard!
Back to the brunch though, the menu has all the brunch standards and runs for most of the day (no dastardly 12pm cut off). It is not as inventive as the menu at Providores just down the road but alongside staples such as the full English (£12) there are a few more unusual offerings such as apple spring rolls with green apple coulis. Croissants were served warm, fresh and buttery soft. A bowl of Greek yoghurt, studded with berries and drizzled with honey (£4.75) was as pretty as a picture and a good lighter option. Omelette with Gruyere cheese and ham (£7) was very rich and decadent, perfect comfort food to recover from a late Saturday night.
Breakfast martini
Juices are freshly squeezed not bottled (a pet hate of mine) and there is also a rather fabulous breakfast martini on offer which is made features marmalade and orange peel curls. Certainly a step up from Bloody Mary’s as a hangover soother. The only let down was the coffee (£2.50) which has was unfortunately slightly bitter from perhaps being burnt.
For brunch with a touch of glamour Cafe Luc is a great option. What’s more because it is still relatively undiscovered there is no problem about getting a table and so you don’t have to queue for your brunch in silent starving agony. Sadly, for me but not for Cafe Luc itself I don’t think the lack of queues will last long.
Details: 50 Marylebone High Street, Marylebone W1U 5HN (ph 020 7258 9878)
Damage: Reasonable
Gourmet Chick was a guest of Cafe Luc.
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  1. Great review. Breakfast is most definitely my favourite meal of the day (can’t understand why anyone would want to skip it).
    *kisses* HH

  2. Has anyone tried the coffee? (I recall you may not be a coffee drinker, GC). Getting that right is the most essential thing on the breakfast menu for me!

  3. I can’t fault MTV bf’s logic! I invariably go for a full English, when going for brunch. The only variation is that I might go for poached rather than fried eggs if I’m on a health drive.

    I do get envious when I see all these places for brunch in town, as the options where I live are a bit more limited.

  4. Similar to Greedy Diva’s comment about what makes a perfect brunch, in my opinion, the perfect brunch menu should offer pancakes and waffles, which I notice Cafe Luc’s does not. : )

    Still, it sounds good, and nice to know there’s an option up the road the next time I’m faced with a never-ending queue at Providores.

    And great photos, by the way.

  5. I’m not normally one to go out for breakfast but this is one reason why I should. Being in London would help too. lol.

  6. Love the idea of a brunch martini! I’m going to have a go at making me one of those next Sunday. Isn’t a long lesiurely Sunday brunch just the best thing?

  7. That is an impressive serving of eggs benedict. I am like Mr Noodles, would go for a full English too.

    Am going there next weekend, am looking forward to it.

  8. Mmm, I have a friend who always goes for eggs benedict as well, even if it’s available for lunch! A soft spot, is a soft spot no?

    Great review, I love the idea of a breakfast martini! Sounds and looks quite delish!

  9. I love, love, love eggs benedict. And the Wylie Dufresne quote made me crack up. Looks really good actually, a great place to grab some breakfast when I’m next in the area.

  10. Heavenly Housewife – Me too – I would be starving

    Greedy Diva – yes you must have missed that little bit (towards the end) ours was a little burnt although generally not bad by London standards

    Mr Noodles – It seems a shame to have Providores and Cafe Luc on the same street – Marylebone high street is spoilt

    An American in London – Yes brunch American style is hard to get in London I think

    Emma and Ross – I know brunch martini is a great idea hey

    Slow Food Kitchen – look forward to hearing what you think

    Ashley – sometimes routine is a good thing it seems!

    Dan – the rest of the quote was about how he wanted to smother himself in hollondaise.

  11. I was just thinking, why are there no really fantastic brunch places in London and here you have answered my question! Those eggs benedict look to die for and the orange martini is a definite must try!

  12. Winesleuth – Like Australians you Americans are spoilt for brunch choices so I agree it is good to see the concept catching on more here

  13. that looks absolutely delicious !

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