Herman ze German

It is pretty rare to wish you had a hangover. Still this is what came to mind when I discovered the curry wurst at Herman ze German as it is perfect hangover food. So perfect that it was almost wasted on me in my bright eyed, sober state. I developed a serious curry wurst addiction in Berlin during my trips there last year so was delighted to discover it could now be satisfied in London.

Herman ze German is a tiny shopfront right next to Embankment tube. Although it is small it is ordered with German precision with a bench to perch at, an orderly queue of people waiting for food and even a sink so you can wash your hands before grabbing a takeaway wurst in a roll. My curry wurst comprises fat, white juicy sausage sliced and slathered in a hot curry sauce. The sausage is finished on a flame grill to give it a nice char and tastes just as good as the curry wurst I remember from Berlin. The curry-wurst comes teamed with fries for (£4.50) although the fries themselves are a little limp possibly because they are baked rather than fried which may be healthier but is not as tasty.
Curry wurst with fries
If you are not a fan of curry wurst, Herman ze German sells sausages in almost every possible combination offering bratwurst, chill beef, bockwurst and leberkase all served in rolls (£3.95). There are also sandwiches for £3.75 and a selection of bakery goods including traditional German bretzels (£0.95).
Having a place like Herman ze German around almost makes me look forward to my next hangover.
Details: Herman ze German, 19 Villiers Street, Westminster, WC2N 6NE, Tube – Embankment.
Damage: Such a bargain even my mother would approve.
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  1. Those pretzels look amazing – great tip, as always!

  2. They come to Brighton quite oftern for The food festivals and seem to be popular. Their logo is obscene though!

  3. I seriously has a case of currywurst withdrawal symptoms after my cologne market trip too! I keep passing this place but have not ventured in!
    Good to know that it is as good as in Germany! I have to head in there now. =D

  4. OOOH – I’m more excited about the pretzels!

  5. Have been having serious currywurst withdrawl since we were there before NYE – great to know that there’s a closer option!

  6. I love a good pretzel! Back home, they serve them with plastic-y yellow melted cheese but it’s soo good!Will have to pick up some curry wurst too!

  7. Herman Ze German rocks! Cannot wait to stop by at the end of February when I will finally make it to London! See you, guys!!!!

  8. This curry wurst looks & sounds SOoooo good, haven’t feasted on this for ages either.

  9. Herman Ze German have the best wursts in London and very affordable considering their authentic taste.Tried one and cant get enough of them..I may need to go to rehab

  10. American in London – they are actually huge as well, much bigger than they appear in the picture!

    Graphic Foodie – Have I missed something which is the obscene part or do you mean obscene from a design point of view?

    Kay – interesting to know what you think

    Lizzie – another pretzel fan

    Tori – Yes you don’t have to go to Germany to feed your addiction.

    Wine sleuth – with cheese really? Interesting…

    Annabelle – Enjoy!

    Anna – It was good…

    Anon – I think I need rehab as well.

  11. I walk past this place on my way to work in the mornings – the name always makes me laugh!

  12. My partner (who is German) and I walked past that place a few weeks ago – he was mildly offended by the faux Germanic vibe, although I did convince him to try something. The currywurst is actually passable – and you can’t say that for much of the crap that goes by that name in Germany believe me!

  13. Brilliant name! My husband used to work near there, I’d be telling him to investigate in his lunch hour if he was still there. Need to concoct another reason for me to get there now…

  14. Greedy Diva – The name is hilarious.

    The Londoneer – I agree the curry wurst is not bad at all

    Sarah – I know so funny.

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