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London’s airports are a microcosm of hell with their endless snaking mutating lines, ridiculous carry on baggage rules and devotion to tiny bottles of toiletries in plastic bags, shoes, belts and everything else off. Heathrow’s shiny new Terminal 5 was supposed to be an antidote to all this but a storm of bad publicity when the terminal opened meant it looked like London’s airport hell continued. So I was pleased to discover T5 is actually not that bad, sure it is no London City (my favourite London airport) but it does have one thing over London City, Gordon Ramsay Plane Food.

The bar at Plane Food
Love him or hate him, Ramsay’s Plane Food is a welcome addition to an airport dining scene which mainly consists of chains like Pret and Giraffe. Of course there is no chance that Ramsay himself is manning the stoves but the brasserie style restaurant is the sort you would be happy enough to eat at even if you were not a virtual captive at an airport. The restaurant is through security at T5 and has views of the runway. The space is dominated by the soaring windows and a long marble bar which is ideal for solo diners.
Eggs Benedict
MTV boyfriend and I tried out the breakfast menu starting with a decent enough cappuccino (£3.25) and tea (£3.25). Yoghurt with toasted muesli and fresh berries (£5) was a good light option and I liked how all the components were served separately so I could mix it up to my own tastes. The Eggs Benedict (£7) was served on a lightly toasted muffin with slices of good quality ham and two softly poached eggs slathered in creamy hollandaise sauce.
Runway views
Service is efficient and speedy which is just what you want in a restaurant at the airport and there is also a departures board so you can keep an eye on your flight. The restaurant also does snack boxes for the plane for £11.95 and given the almost inedible food I was served by Britain’s national carrier on my 12 hour flight I really wished I had invested in one. Airport hell had morphed into airline hell.
Yoghurt and muesli
Details: Gordon Ramsay Plane Food, Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport, Hounslow TW6 2GA (Ph 020 8897 4545)
Damage: Reasonable. £20 for breakfast for two although the £1.50 cover charge was a bit rich.
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  1. A takeaway for the plane is quite an interesting business idea. Either its innovation or times must be hard, or both!

  2. I ate there and I thought it was probably the most civilised breakfast you can have at an airport. Its nice to sit down and eat with proper dishes and cutlery LOL (sometimes thats a real luxury when you are traveling). My only real negatives was that my egg portion was teeny tiny, and i got slightly annoyed by all of Ramsay’s marketing ploys throughout the restaurant.
    *kisses* HH

  3. There are of course naysayers, but I have been to Plane Food a number of times and always found the food perfectly good. The service is usually efficient (only once did they linger a little too long when I had a flight to catch fairly soon after the meal). One fish dish I had when I first went there still stands out in my mind as being really excellent. It is by far the best option when in T5 with a bit of time (and money) to kill. Never had the breakfast, but looks good. Having said all this, the chicken curry in the BA lounge isn’t half bad – at least for being ‘free’ (if you have cardage or are flying business)…though I can’t vouch for its healthiness!

  4. Thanks for this: Ramsey is one of my fav Brits cook and I will pay a visit next time I’ll pass by T5.

  5. Good to know! I walked past a couple of weeks ago on my way to Mauritius but didn’t have time to try it out. I also suffered through the airline hell on BA, the food there is getting worse and worse. You wonder where they get their rolls from, there can’t possibly be anything more disgusting.

  6. So does that make this place “hell’s kitchen” then 🙂

    I do have a soft spot for T5, though, and as far as airport restaurants go, Plane Food is pretty darn good. Would like to try one of their take-away boxes sometime.

  7. WHAT! This challenges all I hold dear about airports. How am I supposed to justify a Maccy D’s meal? and how will I take pleasure from eating out of little tiny pots?

  8. Three Cookies – have you seen what they serve you on planes these days? Horrific!

    Heavenly Housewife – I agree it as civilised as you can get for the airport

    LF – Yes I am not a huge Ramsay fan but you can’t fault Plane Food really besides the high prices – a big improvement on other airport offerings.

    Ritchie – Let me know how you go.

    Ute – You will have to try it next time, the airline food is really declining in quality.

    Nordic Nibbler – Very clever! After my most recent airline meal I am going to order it for sure.

    Lizzie – Yes no more Maccas justification sorry.

  9. You might remember that I rated Plane Food’s fish cakes and harissa mayo as one of the best things I ate in 2010! I wasn’t a big fan of the eggs benedict though on my 2nd visit.

  10. I do remember Krista – must say I was quite tempted by the lunch menu as well even though it was like 11am when we were there.

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