Fernandez & LeLuu breakfast club with Jordans Cereal

I’ve succumbed a little to the supper club fever and headed along to a few, but friends of mine who are expert supper club diners and regularly eat in clandestine living rooms swear by Fernandez & Leluu. Their recommendations meant I was delighted to get an invitation from Jordans Cereal to attend not a supper club, but a breakfast club at Fernandez & Leluu’s last week.

Jordans Creations Oat Granola
The supper club is in a great, airy apartment in East London looking out onto a small courtyard. Bric a brac lines the walls and a huge, long table was set with gorgeous mis-matched china for us to eat at. Despite claiming she was not really a morning person, Leluu plied us with glasses of prosecco and then unveiled homemade quiches, cheesy bacon scrolls and the creamiest, fluffiest scrambled eggs. If that wasn’t enough she had also made muffins and a vibrant, fresh lobster salad laced with pomegranates and a sweet passionfruit dressing. The spread certainly inspired me to go back and try the real deal in the evening.
Home made quiche and croissants
However, there was no such thing as a free meal, or a free breakfast in this case, so we were put to work as part of a competition thinking of new flavours for Jordans New Creations Oat Granola. The granola uses an oaty base sweetened only with honey (just how I make my own granola) and contains absolutely nothing artificial which is always good. We tried out the two existing flavours, Juicy Cranberry & Golden Honey and Bake Apple & a Hint of Cinnamon Creations, before setting about concocting a third.
Scrambled eggs
There were lots of granola goodies to test out and we had fun experimenting with chocolate, coconut and other slightly more whacky combinations. When I thought about what I like to eat for breakfast though it was more traditional styles of granola that came to mind, with lots of fruit, nuts and seeds to add goodness and texture. For want of a better title I am going to call it Summer Berries & Crunchy Nuts.
May’s tasting plate for the granola
My suggested granola mix for Jordan’s is oats toasted with honey for sweetness, a few sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds for some goodness and then the stars of the show the two key ingredients. These are berries and nuts; a mix of almonds, brazil nuts and hazelnuts and some dried strawberries, cranberries and blackcurrants to add some fruity punch. My dream mix would then be topped with a handful of fresh berries as well to really kick off the day in style.
Fingers crossed Bill Jordan likes my idea and it comes to a granola box near you soon.
My granola
Any other granola or muesli makers out there with preferred flavour combinations?
Gourmet Chick was a guest of Jordans.
Details: Fernandez & LeLuu’s Supper Club, East London
Damage: Ordinarily it is suggested guests pay £35 a head, however there was no charge for the one-off Breakfast Club.
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  1. Toasted coconut, banana or raisins, sunflower seeds and flaxseeds (for omega-3!)

  2. wow nice! didnt realise there are breakfast clubs!
    did you go back for the dinner?
    I have heard a lot of great things about Supper clubs.. but bery hush hush 😛 would love to go

  3. I add dried bananas, toasted coconut, and dried pineapple to my granola. Its like a beach holiday for breakfast

  4. I’d have LOVED to come to this – breakfast is one of my favourite meals (and lunch, and dinner, oh wait…). Is there any opportunity to attend future breakfast clubs? If so, I’d love to know about them.
    Re granola, I love berries, so absolutely agree with your choice. Walnuts and dried banana would be another delicious combo.

  5. It was a lovely breakfast, wasn’t it?
    Shame we didn’t get to talk, maybe next time 🙂

  6. Oh that looks like fun! And those scrambled eggs… yum 🙂 I am yet to make it to F&L! I really should get my butt into gear!

  7. Yes please, I’ll have me some of that!

  8. I would buy that. For sure. Have just discovered the granola at Neal’s Yard. It’s proving a dangerous and expensive habit.

  9. Three Cookies – Very healthy

    Caviar Girl – F&L isn’t usually a breakfast club but I think there are some out there.

    London Lady – I like the sound of that

    The Little Loaf – I do think others are out there – walnuts and dried banana sounds great.

    Ute – Were you there? Can’t believe I missed you. Next time

    Catty- I know I really want to go back for dinner

    David – Good!

    Tori – I haven’t tried that out – will have to

  10. Any granola with toasted hazelnut, delish! I’ve been looking for brekkie supper (confusing?!) clubs too! Not many around though, might start my own! 😉



  11. Fernandez & Leluu now work independently!

    Simon Fernandez is now full time chef patron at ferdiesfoodlab and employs 8 people on a part-time basis. ferdiesfoodlab (a London supper club) is a social banquet where you can meet new people. It serves international cuisine in the east end of central London at the beautiful listed building Toynbee Hall. You can check it out at ferdiesfoodlab.co.uk

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