The Best Gelati in Rome (Gourmet Chick in Italy)

How do they do it?  There is something about the gelati in Italy that is just far superior to anything you can get anywhere else in the world.  Admittedly licking on a cone of gelati while wandering the cobbled streets of Rome does add to the experience.  In an act of serious devotion to the art of gelati MTV boyfriend and I hit the pavements of Rome to bring you this brief but extensively researched guide to the best gelati in the ancient city.

Gelati from I Caruso

1.  I Caruso
The location is out of the way and the selection of flavours is limited to only 16 at any one time but the gelati at I Caruso packs a punch.  The strawberry was a rich, lip staining red with flecks of strawberry seeds throughout it while the cioccolata was rich and intense.  I Caruso also does tiny chocolate covered pre scooped cones of gelati for €1.50.  Our pick of the bunch in Rome.

I Caruso’s pre scooped chocolate dipped gelati

Details: I Caruso. Via Collina, 13-15, Rome, Italy (Ph +39 (0)6 42918674)
Damage: Reasonable. €2 for a small cup or cone.

2.  San Crispino
This legendary gelati shop was made even more famous as Elizabeth Gilbert’s gelati destination of choice in Eat, Pray, Love.  San Crispino has some of the most gourmet flavours going around and everything is home made.  I am still dreaming about the creamy caramel and meringue that featured actual chunks of meringue, almost like an icecream version of a pavlova.  However San Crispino’s vanilla was a bit more prosaic and could have been richer and the serving size was small for the price.  

Gelati from San Crispino

Details: San Crispino, 42 Via della Panetteria, Centro Storico area, Rome, Italy (Ph +39 66 679 3924)
Damage.  Pricey (for gelati) €3 for a small gelati

3.  Della Palma
Palma boasts a jaw dropping 200 different flavours although “only” 110 are on offer at any one time with the flavours changed according to the season.  From kinder surprise flavour to pear and cheese there is truly something for everyone.  The flavours tasted a bit more artificial than other places and while we enjoyed the light chocolate Kit Kat flavoured gelati the crema could have had a stronger vanilla flavour.

Gelati from Della Palma

Details: Via della Maddalena, 20, Rome 00186 (Ph +39 66 880 6752)
Damage: Reasonable. €2

4.  Cremi
Intrigued to discover a gelati flavour of “muffin” I just had to try it at this popular gelati store in Travestere.  Big mistake.  The muffin flavour was a mismatch of flavours with a strange, bitter after taste.  The crema also disappointed.  I should have been wary of the gelati heaped in a colourful display (never a good sign, the best gelati is hidden away from the light to keep it in optimal storage).

Gelati from Cremi

Details: Cremi, Trastavere area, Rome, Italy.
Damage: €1.50

If you liked reading this you might be interested on my post on Bologna’s best gelati stores while in London I like Dri Dri Gelato.


  1. Did you manage to try Gelateria del Teatro (Via d San Simone) by any chance? A teeny tiny place but so so lovely. Their watermelon granita nearly made me weep.

    I liked San Crispino as well, and now have leads on a couple of other places. Thanks!


  2. Swoon! Off to the seaside in italy tomorrow so this has got me in the ice cream mood 🙂 I love the idea of those little chocolate dipped scoops at I Caruso – might have to have a go making them myself!

  3. San Crispino did me in. We used to get a gelato at the front of the queue and then go straight back to the end of it and eat it while we waited to get to the front again. A dangerous cycle. It cracks me up that they won’t let you have cones, in case it interferes with the pure taste of the gelati.

  4. I personally found San Crispino was very overrated. It was smooth, simple and without the richness of other places. My favorite was definitely Giolitti. Definitely old school.

  5. I liked San Crispino but agree that it is not very Gelato-like. It actually has a less ‘elastic’ texture, therefore making it more like an ice cream! I like how their flavours tasted so natural though, unlike a couple of other shops I tried which are just made from manufactured gelati paste!

    Home made flavours any time!! : )

  6. When we visited Italy we decided we should limit ourselves to one ice cream a day – that swiftly became two a day and three on ‘special’ days. Rose flavour was very interesting. Pistachio my fave. All amazing!

  7. Aaaargh, why did you not post this BEFORE I went to Rome again last month?! ;o) San Crispino rocks my world (the pistachio…. swoon). That said, there was a hole in the wall place right by the Vatican called Old Bridge that came close to rivalling it for me… Like the site redesign, chickadee 🙂

  8. Aaaargh, why did you not post this BEFORE I went to Rome again last month?! ;o) San Crispino rocks my world (the pistachio…. swoon). That said, there was a hole in the wall place right by the Vatican called Old Bridge that came close to rivalling it for me… Like the site redesign, chickadee 🙂

  9. Going with my Gut – no but that was on my wish list! Have heard it is great

    The Little Loaf – Let me know how they go

    Tori – I loved that as well, so particular…

    Sudhir – I did not get to try Gilotti as the line was so immense (at least half an hours wait I think – I was not that patient) .

    HK Epicurus – Yes the home made flavours do taste so different

    Grazing Kate – It is very hard to resist at least two a day – they are just SO good

    Jeanne- Love the sound of the hole in the wall place, always the best…

  10. […] is they both serve their gelati up from covered stainless steel containers known as pozzetti: exactly as they do in the best places in Italy.  This is a significant sacrifice by both stores as they don’t get to entice potential […]

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