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Forget the cheese plate, the cheese board and the cheese trolley, the new restaurant accessory is a cheese room.  The newly opened Bistro du Vin in Soho has upped the ante with an entire room devoted to the stinky stuff.  I was in instant heaven as soon as I spied the glassed in room at the far corner of the restaurant.

Steak with frites from the Josper grill

Like its sister restaurant in Clerkenwell the feel of Bistro du Vin is rather French so the cheese room fits in nicely.  A long bar runs along one wall with lots of seating and room to eat then there is a lounge area lined with rows of rainbow coloured books which seems to be a nod to the restaurant’s Soho location.  I was invited to try out Bistro du Vin with fellow bloggers Kavey Eats, Bistro Becs, Food for Think and Bitten and Written so we gathered in the lounge for an excellent summer fruit punch which is the signature drink of the restaurant.  It tasted a little like a Pimm’s but more alcoholic (always welcome in a cocktail).

We left Bitten Written and our helpful sommelier in charge of the wine for the evening and discovered an excellent bottle of light, grassy sauvignon blanc from Menetou-Salon in the Loire Valley.  There was also a machine which dispenses wine by the glass for indecisive types or those who like to mix and match their wines.

Table settings at Bisto du Vin

The menu is not adventurous and sticks firmly to French classics including a range of steaks to take advantage of Bistro du Vin’s famed Josper grill.   To start, the delicious Paysanne salad (£6.75) was one of those salads which could double as a meal thanks to the shards of crispy bacon, potato, tiny quails eggs, shredded duck confit and beans nestled away amongst the salad leaves.  Lamb sweet breads (£7.95) were also a highlight as they were crumbed and deep fried to resemble a grown up version of chicken nuggets.

Paysanne salad

From the Josper grill an onglet had a great smoky char to it which contrasted with the firm and flavoursome meat (£13.50).  It was served with crunchy golden yellow steak frites and a tiny copper saucepan of smooth Hollondaise sauce.   I find it almost impossible to go past steak cooked in a Josper grill when it is on offer but if I had managed some self control my next choice would have been the hot shells (£35) which was a veritable feast of lobster, crayfish and razor clams all dripping in a rich buttery sauce.

Strawberry vacherin sundae
A strawberry vacherin sundae (£6.50) towered over me in a tall, thin sundae glass packed with meringues, ice-cream and strawberries.  I fear I did not do it justice as I was too focused on what was behind the door in the cheese room.  You see Bistro du Vin offers unlimited cheese for £12.50.  Yes, you heard right, UNLIMITED cheese.

I spent a blissful half an hour sniffing and inspecting in the cheese room to select my perfect cheese plate.   There was a huge variety of well kept cheeses all selected by La Cave a Fromage but special mention should be made of Bistro du Vin’s signature cheese which is brushed two weeks with red wine giving it a lovely yeasty tang.  Cheese and red wine combined?  They had me at hello.

All you can eat cheese!
Bistro du Vin is a great offering in Soho and more than holds its head up amongst the stiff restaurant competition on Dean street.  It is worth a visit for the cheese room alone which I now think of as my happy place.    

Details: Bistro du Vin, 36 Dean Street, Soho W1D 4PS (Ph 020 7432 4800) Tube: Tottenham Court Road
Damage: Pricey, but I did not pay on this occasion.

Gourmet Chick was a guest of Bistro du Vin.  

If you liked reading this you might be interested in my review of Bistro du Vin Clerkenwell or just down the road in Dean Street, try Quo Vadis.  

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  1. UNLIMITED CHEESE?! Huh. I know where I’m off to…

  2. beautiful! I loved it too, and can still remember the Strawberry vacherin sundae

  3. Lovely write up- we went a couple of weeks ago, but I was having too much of a good time with the pink wine to remember to take proper photos. Oops. The lemon tart with pinenuts is also a winner if you can make your way past the cheese…

  4. The steak looks great and £13.50 for onglet/bavette is reasonable including fries. Many places would want another £4!

  5. I know you weren’t so much of a fan when you visited but I really like our local BDV in Brighton. Agreed not the most adventurous style of food but I’ve always found it to be enjoyable, good quality and great value. Bit of a fail safe for a good meal in this city. We don’t have unlimited cheese though!!!!

  6. Great post and an accurate discription from what I remember as an enjoyable meal – and the Cheese Cave was as exceptional as it sounds here. Becs

  7. Wanting to dive into that cheese board right now!
    It is so pleasing to hear of a resto that has a great cheese selection without the hefty price tag. Thanks for the tip!

  8. Did I read correctly? Unlimited cheese?? Cheese room? You know, I thought that moving to London would help me get rid a bit of this cheese obsession of mine (thought I’d have to trade it for beers)… but this proved me wrong! Can’t wait to try it out!

  9. A room of cheese? An ENTIRE room? Heaven on earth! I loved the look of the Clerkenwell BDV in reviews I read and this looks equally great. The list of restaurants I must visit just got a bit longer.

  10. They’re in trouble with that unlimited cheese thing. I’m sure I’m not the only person in the world that will sit there until I’m kicked out if that’s the case.

  11. Blonde – You don’t hear the word unlimited next to cheese very often do you…

    Katherina – Yes you did – pure genius

    Helena – That sundae is fabulous

    Tori – Always a problem!

    The Perfect Trough – I agree it has quite reasonable prices

    Graphic Foodie – Maybe they should roll out the unlimited cheese…

    Bistro Becs – Lovely to meet you there.

    MeLikey – Yes it is always good to have a more reasonably priced cheese option.

    Amy – I really enjoyed the Clerkenwell Bistro du Vin but the Soho version has catapulted into being my favourite of the two thanks to the cheese room.

    Tim – Yes I really did not do the experience justice trying to eat the cheese after a three course meal I must admit.

  12. Gourmet Chick since the prices are reasonable when are you going to go back and actually pay for a meal there and give a review of that experience? As opposed to the free experience…

  13. William K Wallace – The majority of restaurants I cover on here I pay for out of my own pocket and review anonymously. Occasionally I get invited to review restaurants for free and I am always upfront about this and make it clear to the restaurant that this is no guarantee of a positive review. I do take your point that when it is known that you are at a restaurant the experience is always going to be different but at the same time I figure these additional reviews that I am invited to and which I would not otherwise be able to include on here are still worth including. I hope you agree.

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