How to make dulce de leche ice cream

Has summer actually arrived?   There have been rumours of sunshine desperately trying to peek through the clouds.  We have been ready for summer here in London for a while now with our bare legs, our BBQs, and our jugs of Pimm’s all desperate to get an airing.  Now it just looks like summer might happen this very week.

Dulce de Leche ice-cream served with fresh raspberries
Even the slightest hint of sunshine makes my thoughts turn immediately to ice cream.  In particular, to a recipe a friend told me about for dulce de leche ice cream.  The recipe is easy to make and is also egg free.  Dulce de leche means “sweet milk” but is sometimes described as “milk jam.” It is an Argentinian delight which is  prepared by slowly heating sweetened milk to create a product that derives its taste from caramelised sugar.   The taste is not quite caramel or butterscotch, in fact it may taste even better than the two combined.  Just saying.

Simmering the milk with the cinnamon
300ml sweetened condensed milk
250ml full cream milk
250ml double cream
1 cinnamon stick
1 vanilla pod
A pinch of salt

Thickening the condensed milk
1.  Cook condensed milk in a saucepan over medium heat and stir constantly until it becomes very thick and a golden colour.  I cannot emphasise enough how important the constant stirring is, leave the condensed milk alone for  a minute and it will stick to the bottom of the pan.  Also you should probably cook it for longer than I did as my ice-cream was a bit too pale and should have been a richer brown.  
2.  Meanwhile simmer the milk, cream and cinnamon in separate saucepan over a low heat.
3.  Remove the cinnamon and whisk in the condensed milk caramel and the pinch of salt.  Then scrape out the seeds from the vanilla pod and stir in until combined.    
4.  Chill mixture until cold or overnight for about seven to eight hours.
5.  Churn in an ice cream maker* and then freeze before eating.  I served the dulce de leche with raspberries but it would also be great with some roasted nuts.

The shiny new ice cream maker
*Observant readers will note the ice cream maker is a new addition to the Gourmet Chick kitchen.  Perhaps after laughing at my previous posts when I made ice cream without an ice cream maker, the lovely people at Cuisinart sent me one to review.  It is a rather nice and shiny metal looking thing and has a very handy open top so you can easily add ingredients to the ice-cream.  The only downside is that you do have to freeze the container the ice cream is made in overnight before using, however David Lebovitz in The Perfect Scoop (aka the Ice Cream Guru) says you only need one of those fancy ice-cream makers that freezes itself if you make ice cream twice a week.  I don’t think I can fall into that category so I am happy with my freezable model.  You can buy exactly the same Cuisinart ICE30 ice cream maker as I have off Amazon for £69.

Gourmet Chick received an ice cream maker to review.  


  1. Love, love,love Dulce de Leche and will definitely be trying out this ice cream recipe – fabFriday morning reading 🙂

  2. You got me at dulce de leche!! It looks delish and yes, looks like summer is finally making an appearance!

  3. Picture perfect. I’ve got an ice cream maker and I’ve been collecting so many awesome recipes, the problem is making room in my freezer for the bowl (that thing is big!). Thanks for another great recipe to add to my collection.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    *kisses* HH

  4. Oh my word. I have to hide this post from The Hungry One, otherwise I’m never going to hear the end about how we left the ice cream maker back in Sydney. But when we do get it out of storage I think this, with some banana and salted nuts would pretty much rock his world.

  5. Well, you had me at 300mL condensed milk.. YUM!!!

  6. Bistro Becs – Let me know how it goes

    Kay – About time…

    Heavenly Housewife – It is a big bowl isn’t it -particularly when you have a little freezer

    Tori – I agree banana and salted nuts would be perfect with it.

    Catty – I know, how good!

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