1. Congratulations! Great places, great posts- as always…

  2. Congratulation! I love your blog, its so inspiring! 🙂

  3. I went to a fashion week event once! There were only two plates of food but no-one ate from them! 😛

  4. That is a serious looking meat patty! I love the presentation of those fries that come with it.

  5. congratulations…..I’m salivating at the burger and fries already….

  6. wow thats so exciting! but what will happen when you move?

  7. Congratulations! Love reading your reviews… 🙂

  8. Tori – Thanks very much

    Paula – That’s very nice of you to say – thank you.

    Lorraine – So different to food events I think…

    Hotly Spiced – They are pretty as a picture aren’t they. I think a food stylist may have been involved.

    Kay – I know – their photo not mine and it looks delicious

    Caviar Girl – Good question – we are still working that out

    Little Loaf – Thanks very much

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