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I’ve always been responsive to peer pressure.  It has lead to more “one last drinks”, impulse shoe purchases and random holidays booked after jealously viewing friend’s Facebook photos than I care to admit.  “If everyone else jumped off a bridge into the Liffey would you do it as well?” my mother used to say (note her Irish take on the proverb).  Well yes, I probably would.

Passport DeliciousNordic Nibbler and Misadventures with Andi have all posted on their Seven Links and asked me to do the same.  So here I am bowing to blogging peer pressure and nominating posts in each of seven categories put together by Tripbase and then nominating other bloggers to do the same.  See what I did there? The peer pressure continues, it is a vicious circle people.

1.  My most beautiful post
Hunting for truffles in Provence at Crillon le Brave.  Could there be anything more beautiful?  If only I could add smell to these posts so you could get that earthy, musty truffle smell…

Truffled eggs in Provence.  The best way to eat truffles is the simplest.  

2.  My most popular post 
Logic would suggest that my post on my Top Ten Restaurants in London would be the most popular, but no, the most popular is my post on my Top Ten CHEAP Restaurants in London which I only wrote in response to a reader’s email.  It seems that you all want gourmet recommendations, but on a budget.

Banh Mi at City Caphe – great budget eating in London


This blog is not particularly controversial.  I write about food and travel, not how to bring peace to the Middle East or anything like that. I still do get occasional readers who like to stir the pot, like one recently who had a bit of a dig at me for accepting a free meal from Mason and Taylor.  Fair point and another reader leapt to my defence while I got to outline my editorial policy.  Sorry folks,  that is as controversial as it gets here at Gourmet Chick.


Menus at Mason and Taylor

4.  My most helpful post
My post on How To Eat Snails should save you from social embarassment if faced with a dilemma on your plate like this:

How to eat those “slippery little suckers” a la Pretty Woman using those implements on the left

5.  The post whose success surprised me
I can tell from my statistics that you love, and continue to love my post on Russell Norman’s restaurant/bar Spuntino.  I do echo the communal love in for the truffled toast at Spuntino so the ongoing love is not a complete surprise I suppose.

Ahmed – star waiter at Spuntino

6.  A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
My travel posts generally take a lot of time and research to write but don’t get as much attention as restaurant reviews or recipes.  My post on Where to eat in Rio was very detailed and should be helpful for any of you who end up in Brazil or who just want to find out about Brazilian food (cheese on a stick – delicious).

Grilled cheese on a stick on the beach in Rio

7.  The post I am most proud of
For all those nights where there is nothing in the cupboard, my recipe for cacio e pepe, or more prosaicly, spaghetti with cheese and black pepper will save you.  It really can be made with just what you have in the house already and is ridiculously delicious.  For that, I am proud.

Cacio e Pepe

And now I intend to carry on the peer pressure and ask the following four blogs to participate:

Greedy Diva;
The London Foodie;
Vintage Macaroon; and
Lite Bite.

As I said, it is a vicious circle.


  1. Love your blog. nice post. will add your blog in my “visit list”

  2. Loved reading this. I sometimes write blog posts thinking they will be hugely successful and often it’s a complete surprise which are viewed the most. The spaghetti, cheese and black pepper dish we often have when we don’t have much left in the cupboards before we need to go shopping – amazing how tasty it is!

  3. I am sitting at my desk eating summer rolls and bahn mi when I decide to see what is new on your blog. Lo and behold a picture of City Caphe’s bahn mi. Even when you are out of London we are City Caphe synchronised! A lovely post. I wholeheartedly endorse the cacio e pepe recipe. A real life saver!

  4. I really like your Top 10 Cheap Eats 🙂 it has been so helpful, so thank you!

  5. Enjoyed looking at these posts. Ironic that at the bottom of the email (I subscribe!) was this advert: ‘How to drop 3 dress sizes in 4 months’ – aargh – I hate adverts on the web and particularly ones that catch you out. How DID they know that I’d be feeling hungry – just the mention of truffled eggs with bacon…..mmmmm.

  6. What great posts – and I do love that the most popular was the cheap eats post hehehe 🙂

  7. Still send the Spuntino post to friends when I recommend the restaurant:) great post x LondonZest

  8. The more I read these 7 links blog posts, the more I’m intimidated. Your escargots, grilled cheese on a stick and the daringly looking al dente cacio de pepe has put me off for another while..a long while!

  9. That cheese on a stick definitely deserves a resurrection! Really enjoying this 7 links challenge and all the new blogs it’s introducng me to…off to check out Vintage Macaroon and Lite Bite now!

  10. Dinner Deals – Thank you.

    Jo Romero – It is strange isn’t it? Yes I find cacio e pepe so handy when there is nothing left to eat.

    Paul – We do have a weird City Caphe thing going on – love that place!

    Paula – Glad to hear it has helped you out.

    Grazing Kate – Apologies for that I have put a setting on where ads are not supposed to include anything about diets or drugs and are supposed to be just about food or travel. Who cares about losing a dress size when there is grilled cheese on a stick to be eaten!

    Catty – Everyone loves a bargain

    Emily – It must be you who is making it popular then!

    Chopinandmysaucepan – Oh I would like to see a 7 links post from you…

    TheLittleLoaf – They are both great.

  11. grilled cheese on a stick- yum!

  12. Oh I absolutely LOVE this! Gorgeous!!

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