The Northall

When two black cab drivers had not heard of the five star hotel that The Northall restaurant is based in, I started to worry about what had happened to “The Knowledge” in London.  I shouldn’t have feared, it turns out The Corinthia which houses The Northall is one of London’s newest hotels, housed in an old government building right next to Embankment tube.   Those civil servants had a good deal as the hotel is in prime position although I doubt it was quite so swanky back in the day of cardigans and nine to five.  Acres of marble, polished wood and  glittering lights have been deployed with extravagant flower arrangements in every corner.

Dressed crab

The Northall is housed in the corner of the hotel in a huge high ceilinged room which looks out over the Thames.  The setting is opulent and spectacular but with only a few other diners it did feel strangely sterile.

The menu focuses on traditional British dishes listing ingredients like potted shrimps, cockles and razor clams alongside details of each supplier.   My friend Kate and I decided to start with two classics, the potted shrimps (£12) and dressed crab (£15).  The potted shrimps were a bit disappointing as they were not served in a pot and were also lacking the lashings of butter which are characteristic of the dish.  The dressed crab was a better option with lots of flakes of the tender, sweet white crab meat alongside a rich homemade mayonnaise.

Lamb short loin chops

Onto the main dishes, the serving sizes were absolutely enormous.  It is probably best to order one main to share they are so big or else go with a very, very big appetite.  Lamb short loin chops (£24) were almost comedy sized but despite the huge amount of meat, they were perfectly cooked to a sweet pink state with a great char to the fat.

Similarly, the fillet of lemon sole (£28) actually comprised two large fillets both accompanied by steamed razor clams and a light tomato and basil sauce.  The fillets were simply cooked which was perfect as it let the quality of the seafood shine through.  We finished with a classic pavlova to share, crisp but fluffy and dripping with a rich berry sauce.


There are no fireworks at the Northall but the food is good and the setting impressive.  All it needs is a little soul and some customers.  Since Kate and I both directed our cab drivers to the restaurant, at least two of London’s black cabs now know where The Corinthia and The Northall are.  It’s a start I suppose.

Details: The Northall, The Corinthia, Whitehall Place, London SW1A 2BD, (Ph +44 (0)20 7321 3100) Tube – Embankment
Damage: Pricey

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  1. The food looks good-I’d love to see some of the room, it sounds very impressive! 🙂

  2. Steady on! Without a pot, they’re just shrimps! Like so many a hotel resto, it could do with, as you point out, some soul.

  3. My boss really loves this place, maybe mainly because it is so close to the office, but it would be good to try it out!

  4. The dressed crab looks delicious! I love the presentation.

  5. Lorraine – I know I should have taken a photo of the room but it was so swanky I felt a bit bad to do it!

    Mr Noodles – Yes sole sorely lacking

    The Food Archive – interested to hear what you think

    Paula – It was very delicious. Fresh and simple.

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