Gourmet Christmas Gift Guide 2011

I am not feeling that Christmassy at the moment given I am slap bang in the middle of the heat and mainly Hindu country of India.  However even here in India there are shops selling twinkling lights, giant paper stars and inappropriately cosy looking Santa outfits complete with face masks.  Yes Christmas is coming, and so here is my annual Christmas gift guide which has an international focus this year and includes items from the UK, Australia, and the wonderful world wide web.

1.  For your sister who can’t live without her morning cup of coffee (and who is hot stuff).

Photo from KnitStorm

USD $16 from KnitStorm on Etsy.  KnitStorm also does cute “his and hers” mug warmer designs as well.

2.  For your Mum who has a sweet tooth.

Photo from Booktopia
Photo from Amazon
I get sent a lot of cookbooks but two of my favourites this year have been the latest from Melbourne’s “Queen of Desserts” Phillippa Sibley, PS Desserts ($42 on Booktopia) and uber blogger David Lebovitz’s glossy dessert tome, Ready for Dessert: My Best Recipes(£13 on Amazon). 
3.  Ham school for your boyfriend/husband/mate as these are two of the things that boys love – sharp knives and jamon.  
Jamon carving class in full swing at Brindisa
£75 from Brindisa.  Read my review of the class here.  
4.  For your Aunt who is impossible to buy for this is decorative and also a handy reference guide (so practical).
Photo from Not On The High Street
5.  For your Dad who loves his Christmas ham (ok I admit I am a little bit obsessed with ham in this gift guide).  
Photo from Mozi
$14.95 from Mozi.    
6.  For your girlfriend who has been your friend for so long she won’t be insulted to get a tea towel for Christmas when it is as stylish as this.
Photo from Make Me Iconic
$27 from Make Me Iconic (I am obsessed with giving these to my friends and especially love the Skipping Girl vinegar one). 
7.  For your tech gadget addict brother a sleeve for cooking with his iPad.
Photo from Chef Sleeve
The Chef Sleeve protects your iPad while being thin enough to still allow touch functionality.   In a clever twist, the box doubles as an iPad stand. Chef Sleeves are made from a food-safe plastic that is purported to be recyclable. They are disposable, but presumably also can be used more than once. USD$19.99 from Chef Sleeve.
8.  For unexpected visitors some sticky caramel slice you made yourself.
Free.  From the Gourmet Chick recipe archives.  
For more inspiration you can see my 2010 Christmas Gift Guide, 2009 Christmas Gift Guide and 2008 Christmas Gift Guide.  My tips were also featured in the Guardian for its Christmas Gift Ideas feature. 


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment on my Christmas gift guide, lovely… am so envious reading your wonderful posts about your time in India. x

  2. Brilliant. Am loving the iPad sleeve. That’s a few Christmas presents sorted. THANK YOU.

  3. gosh i think i’m a man inside then, I would love both the ham class and the ham bag.

  4. Ha I love that Hot Stuff mug warmer! I might go and buy one right now 😉

  5. Kavey – I had a great time in India – more posts to come…

    Tori – I think it would be so handy

    Shu Han – Me too!

    Lorraine – So cute isn’t it?

    Andi – Thanks

  6. I’m excited for the PS Desserts book. It’s being published in the UK this Spring!

  7. Cupcake Kelly – Oh good to hear that the UK will not miss out.

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