Lorne (Gourmet Chick on the Surf Coast)

Happy Australia Day!  Like most of Australia I relocated to the beach for the Christmas to New Year period and my beach of choice is Lorne.  I swam in the surf, laid on the beach, plowed through my Christmas books and watched far too much cricket (thanks to MTV).  MTV and I cooked up lots of BBQs but we also reacquainted ourselves with favourite Lorne cafes and restaurants while discovering a few new places as well.

Surf life boats coming in at Lorne

Skip on over here for my tips for Broadsheet on what to eat, what to do and where to stay in Lorne.


  1. How I wish I was at the beach right now… I live in Toronto and it’s negative 10 outside right now. This picture made me smile and then long for summer.

  2. That first sentence just made me sooo incredibly jealous! For a gal from (cold) Sweden that’s just how I want to spend the downtime between Christmas and New Year.

  3. Kyleen – Oh it is hard to imagine negative 10 from here but I am doing my best to send some warm weather vibes to you for when Toronto’s summer comes.

    Hanna – It is certainly a different experience to a European Christmas. Although I have to say actual Christmas day in Europe does seem more Christmassy with the cold weather.

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