The 10 Best Bars in Melbourne to Pick Up At

Don’t worry I haven’t abandoned MTV.  I consulted widely and did some extensive research to write this guide for Time Out on the best bars in Melbourne to pick up at.  After all in Melbourne it’s not about who you know, but where you go…

The excellent Ponyfish Island bar gets a mention in the list – on an island underneath a bridge on the Yarra
Skip on over to Time Out to read the article.  


  1. Ha! I thought you were going to write from personal experience!

  2. One of the greatest cities in the world!

  3. Cool list! No picking up for me, though. :p

  4. Lol…. Eeewww… dislike pick ups !!! Hee hee hee

  5. Fabulous list of bars. You cant beat Melbourne for style and bars

  6. Lorraine – Now that would have been a story…

    Andi – I agree. That’s why I live here.

    Leaf – They are good bars anyway. Pick up or no pick up. Except perhaps Silk Road!

    MsIHua – They are always funny.

    Tania – Yes Melbourne does have great bars.

  7. Seriously you guys need to get out more. Melbourne has some nice bars but they don not make a good night life. It is just to spread out and full of strip clubs. It basically has a shit nightlife. Adelaide has a better nightlife. There is no one area in Melbourne that you can say to someone, go there for the nightlife. Everyone will say, Fitzroy, Brunswick,Chapel Street, Kilda, King St. and so on but none of these places can compete with most cities in the western world for fun. The streets in these area are not vibriant and it just seems that when you are in a pub thats it. Move to another and then thats it. Real nightlife is when you move from 1 pub to another and can’t help but meet people on the street and have almost more fun between pubs as in them. Melbournes nightlife is dead, boring, and just plain not great. Oh and the most expensive night out in the world.

  8. Seriously Andi and Gourmet Chick, have you two been to any other cities? Ever been to Europe? There are cities in Europe that are unheard of that are better to live in than Melbourne. Mind you Melbourne is still the best city in Australia. People here buy into that crap that Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world. Oh yeah then why does Melbourne and Australia in General have close to if not the highest rate of depression in the whole world. Countries like Thailand have the lowest. Why? Because to survive in Melbourne you have to be a slave unless you have generational wealth. We are all a bunch of idiots who forgot what life and living is really about. Fun and Family. But alas this city is so unbelieveable expensive, try not working for a month…………….

  9. Anon – Which city would you suggest for good night life?

    Graaham – I have actually. Recently returned from five years living in London and travelling in Europe so I am comfortable in making comparisons between Melbourne and other cities. I do agree with you that Melbourne and Australia generally is a very expensive place at the moment.

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