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It’s Mexican mania out there in Melbourne at the moment.  If you were a Sydney-sider I guess it would make more sense with all those “south of the border” jibes.  The latest Mexican offering to join the throngs is Fonda Mexican at the top end of Swan street in Richmond.  You can spot it from the boldly painted wall which proclaims “Mi casa, su casa” or “My house, your house”.  It’s buzzing inside, decked out with splashes of bright orange and pink with a takeaway queue stretching out the door.  There’s also room to eat in with a couple of outdoor tables street side and a tiny outdoor courtyard.

Corn on the cob with aioli and cheese

In line with the motto on the wall the food is homestyle and rustic.  Grilled corn on the cob ($3.50) is served street snack style on a stick.  Half a cob is rolled in finely grated queso fresco (cheese), brushed with chipolote aioli and squeezed with lime.  Charred black from the grill and super sweet these beauties are so simple yet so bloody good.

Your house, my house

In keeping with Melbourne’s obsession with all things quinoa (seriously, this city is addicted) the grilled chicken burrito ($13.50) is stuffed with quinoa, salsa verde and cabbage.  It’s a controversial addition which I don’t think entirely works but at least gives the burrito a point of difference to the usual black bean offerings.

Grilled chicken burrito with quinoa – this is one burrito, they are huge.  

The thing I would go back to Fonda again and again for is the fish taco ($6).  The tacos are made with a soft tortilla which is rolled and pressed right there in the kitchen using a rather fancy looking machine.  The fish was deep fried so it was crisp and crunchy and teamed with aioli and a coleslaw like mix of tangy pickled carrot and cabbage.

The fabulous fish tacos

Fonda brings an unfussed and casual approach to Mexcian food.  It’s wonderfully addictive and I’d like to go back there at night time and test out the margarita slushy machine on the counter or some of the Mexican beers.  Really though, I would just be returning to feed my newly found fish taco addiction.

Kerbside eating at Fonda Mexican

*A word of warning, I ate there with my friend Sophie and we decided Fonda is definitely not a date place.  We emerged from lunch with chipolote aioli dripping down our faces and corn kernels wedged in our teeth.   Not a good look but worth it.

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Details: Fonda Mexican, 248 Swan Street, Richmond, VIC 3121 (Ph 03 9429 0085) Open Sun-Thu 12 noon-10pm, Fri-Sat 12 noon-late.  No bookings.
Damage: Such a bargain my mother would approve. $38 for two without drinks.

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  1. Fish tacos are seriously underrated and a very rare thing in London

  2. It does seem like Mexican is everywhere in Melbourne at the moment! I do love a good fish taco though and I’m not complaining if there are lots of places here to buy them! 🙂

  3. Oh yum! I’m so obsessed with Mexican!!!

  4. Lucky Melbourne, support the mania I say! I do LOVE me some Mexican food. If you are a fan of this style grilled corn and find yourself in NYC you must go to Cafe Habana and eat their corn, it is incredible and intensely addictive.

    1. Agree 100%. I ate at Fonda the other night, i’d rather save the $38 and put it towards the flight to NYC.

      Not fond’a-Fonda

  5. Can you send some of those burritos over to London please?

  6. Gregory – Good point. I am trying to think of places in London that do fish tacos – Wahaca?

    Lorraine – You are right – it is taking over!

    Andi – Me too – and you have great Mexican in the states.

    Tasting Pages – Thanks for the tip a trip to NYC (and Cafe Habana) is certainly on my wish list.

    Katy – *pops burritos in post pack*

  7. Mexican food is delicious.Everything’s mouth-watering.

    Mike – Gourmet Food

  8. We are 100 per cent in tune on those fish tacos! Love your point about Fonda not being the best date place! Any suggestions on affordable date eateries?


  9. As a Melbournian living in London for nearly 8 years who loves food especially mexican(!!) it is great to be able to keep up with all the good spots. This place looks great and on top of my list for my next trip home!

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