Nineteen Squares

This restaurant has now closed
Nineteen Squares is a tiny cafe but it makes a big sandwich and a mean coffee.  Everything about the place is petite from the proportions of the cafe itself wedged on the corner of Blessington and Barkly street to the child size chairs and milk crates that form the outdoor seating area.

If you eat at Nineteen Squares be prepared to perch on a milk crate

The place has a ramshackle appearance but it is hard not to be charmed by tables made out of bread boxes and a vintage tea spoon collection.

The “world famous” chicken sandwich

The short but sweet menu is scrawled on a blackboard and offers a range of brunch and lunch type items from mushrooms and thyme on toast to poached fruit.  There’s a claim to fame with what is promised to be a “world famous” chicken sandwich ($9.50).  The sandwich appears to be famous for its sheer size.  It’s a behemoth of a thing served on thick Baker D Chirico sourdough bread.  There’s good quality poached chicken and rocket all held together with mashed avocado and lashings of house made aioli.

Bacon and egg muffin

Better than the sandwich though was the bacon and egg muffin ($9) featuring a sunny yellow egg baked wrapped in bacon and then teamed with a toasted English muffin.  

Coffee then beer time – don’t judge me

On the drinks front the coffee served at Nineteen Squares is  Supreme Fair Trade, conjured up by David who is also the barista from an ageing La San Marco espresso machine.  It’s smooth creamy and a little nutty.  We managed to do that post brunch morph into lunch lounging around at Nineteen Squares so it was good to discover that the cafe  is also licensed so we were able to have a very reasonably priced bottle of icy cold Tui beer ($3).

Nineteen Squares is nothing fancy and does not try to impress but I liked it all the more for that.

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Details: Nineteen Squares, 31 Blessington Street, St Kilda (Ph +61 3 8598 9919) Open: Mon-Friday 6.30am-5pm; Sat – Sun 7am-5pm.
Damage: Such a bargain my mother would approve

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  1. People sitting outside drinking beer?!? I am sitting here with my green tea and a hotwater bottle and planning my move to Melbourne.
    I love the look of the bacon and egg muffin, sure it went very well with the beer…

  2. Ooooh, loving the egg-in-a-bacon-cup-within-an-english-muffin-sandwich idea!

  3. I wouldn’t mind sitting on a beer crate to get a bit of that bacon and egg sandwich…

  4. Ute – I feel for you! Yes I know it is a little strange that we went for breakfast and then beers but in my defence it was a late brunch…

    Hannah – I know I really want to replicate it. Would be easy to make at home.

    Ben – Yes beer plus egg and bacon equals a good combination.

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