Tiffins Melbourne

If you think there are lots of bikes in Melbourne or London then you have to visit Mumbai where the streets team with cyclists.  Of course no-one in India wears fancy lycra gear or even helmets to cycle, instead cycling is a basic mode of transportation and delivery.  One of the most fascinating things in Mumbai was the hordes of tiffin-wallahs who set off by bicycle to deliver tiffin lunch boxes across the city.  The phenomenon has now come to Melbourne in an adapted form through Tiffins Melbourne which delivers a curry to your door for $12.

Kedar Pednakar, the owner of Tiffins Melbourne, operates a cycle powered curry delivery service – photo by The Saturday Age

I wrote something for the paper about Tiffins Melbourne.  Skip over to The Saturday Age to read it.


  1. I would imagine tat the cyclists are quite different to the ones we have here! Off to read your article now!

  2. Ahhh… we used to do this at the office. We need to do more of it again for when days get a little too crazy to head out the office!

    Great article by the way! Yay!

  3. Lorraine – Yes quite different indeed.

    Ms I Hua – Perfect for a crazy day at work.

  4. I saw that in the paper, didn’t know until now you wrote it! Well done. I saw the happy yellow bicycle in town the other day. Fantastic idea; if I worked in the CBD it would definitely be on my lunch rotation.

  5. Lauren – Thanks. I know I am sad I don’t work in the CBD as well – I love the idea.

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