Can’t stand the heat? Hire a blogger

Getting a table at Chin Chin means getting past Jess Ho.  Before she was approached by the fashionable new Flinders Lane eatery last year and offered a job, Ms Ho was known for her feisty and frank food blog That Jess Ho.  Today she works front of house at the restaurant she refers to in her blog as ”the double Chin”, greeting and seating as well as handling its social media presence.  No longer are food bloggers just spectators. Instead, restaurants are seeking out influential online food writers. They may or may not have industry experience, but they bring with them a love of food, plenty of street (or, rather, eat) cred, and an enviable cache of like-minded followers….

The inimitable Jess Ho at Chin Chin.   Photo courtesy of The Age. 

… I wrote something for The Age about restaurants hiring bloggers.  Skip on over to The Age to read the full story.


  1. Loved your article on the Age! Well written and yay go bloggers 🙂

  2. Thanks very much Miss I Hua.

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