Suckling pig night at Gorski and Jones

Gorski and Jones is my favourite local breakfast spot but up until this week I hadn’t actually eaten dinner there.  Clearly this was a big oversight on my behalf so I replied as quick as I could to an invitation on the Gourmet Chick Facebook page to visit for Gorski and Jones’ regular Tuesday night suckling pig special.

Gorski and Jones wood roasted suckling pig

The deal is that on Tuesdays the chefs at Gorski and Jones roast up a veritable herd of pigs and for $35 you get a whole platter of porky goodness.  The restaurant feels even more like a New York warehouse at night with its exposed brickwork, long marble bar and industrial light shades.

Suckling pig action in the Gorski and Jones kitchen

I was so excited to see the stacks of pigs heads in the kitchen.   It reminded me of the whole suckling pig that St John’s in London serves.

Pig to start off the night with giant capers

To start we had a plate of jamon ($15), just to add to the piggy feel of the night.  It was served with giant salty capers which added some contrast to the rich cured meat.

What you get for your $35 at Gorski and Jones – a whole lot of piggy goodness

The pig ($35) was served in a platter to share with lots of burnished skin and slow roasted apple.  It also came with a refreshing side salad of fennel, lettuce and orange segments. The pork was soft and tender with a great slightly smoky flavour from being wood roasted.  My only quibble is that the pig skin could have been crispier.

Wood fire roasted suckling pig at Gorski and Jones

Although the servings of suckling pig were so generous that I almost couldn’t eat anything else, it was impossible to resist the chocolate pudding ($12) which oozed runny chocolate and came with a quenelle of great vanilla bean ice-cream.   I loved the shards of caramel scattered under the ice-cream to give some textural contrast.

Chocolate pudding at Gorski and Jones

For lovers of pig (and unless you are Jewish or vegetarian I assume you are) the Gorski and Jones suckling pig night is truly pork-tastic.  It would be great with a group of friends and is pretty much the perfect way to spend a wintery Tuesday night.

Gourmet Chick was a guest of Gorski and Jones. 

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Details: Gorski and Jones, 304 Smith Street  Collingwood 3066 (Ph 03 9417 7779) Wed – Fri 8am -3pm, 5pm – 11pm, Sat -Sun 8am – 4pm, Sat – 5pm -11pm.
Damage: Reasonable.  But on this occasion I did not pay.


  1. A whole night dedicated to suckling pig sounds fantastic. Personally, I think it would be nice to include some offal dishes too such as blood pudding but it looks like there’s more than enough food already.

    The thought of fewer roasts almost makes me sad that winter is ending soon – almost.

  2. Aah suckling pig (and no surly waiter getting moody about photos, I bet)!

  3. Wow – the platter with all the meat looks incredible. Had a hog roast with lots of crackling at a wedding this weekend, much more fun than a formal 3-course meal.

  4. I’m a veggie so it’s hard for me to comment on the pig, but the dessert looked good!!!

  5. I’m with you. I like pig skins VERY crisp. This meal looks amazing!!! I can almost taste the baked apple (my absolute favorite.)

  6. Sophie – Yes roasts are my favourite part about Winter I have to admit

    Kavey – I remember that you had that problem at St John’s!

    Katy – Yes it was great, what a fantastic thing to do for a wedding – so much fun and laid back.

    Andi – The dessert was good and apologies to vegetarians…

    Barbara – Yes how good is baked apple and apple and pork is just a classic combination.

  7. Thanks to Cara for recommending Gorski and Jones for breakfast. Really good food, the waiters are very attentive, it’s in a cool building and the chef greeted us when we came in! Five stars!

  8. Larry – So glad to hear you enjoyed your breakfast there.

  9. I went with a friend to the suckling pig night. Suckling pig it is not. We were served a very large pork chop with a narrow strip of crackling. I doubt that a sow would tolerate such a large beast still suckling. Moreover the meat was dry and a bit tough, so not at all what you expect from a suckling animal.
    A suckling pig in Madrid would easily sit on a home size platter, our chops would almost have done the same.

    Accompaniments were fine, potatoes so so (not crispy), service good.

    In retrospect I wish we had gone for the main menu, but the lure of suckling pig proved too strong unfortunately.

    Back to home cooking!

    1. Interesting to hear Marion. I think sometimes the definition of “suckling” pig is a bit generous as you say. The main issue though is if the meat was dry and tough – not my experience on my visit so a shame to hear that.

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