Best brunches in Albert Park

I spend most of my Saturdays driving around Melbourne looking at houses at the moment as we want to buy a place.  Any novelty in house hunting wore off after the first month and MTV and I both regard it as a torturous activity now.  I told MTV that I couldn’t wait to finally get a place so we could spend our Saturday mornings at the local farmers market instead.  He snorted and mumbled something about spending the morning at home with the sports section of the paper.

Corn fritters at Mart

It seems there is a little bit of conflict as to what we will actually do with ourselves when not looking at houses but that argument is one for the future.  At the moment, the one bright spot in our Saturdays is squeezing in brunch between inspections.  If we are looking south of the river we love to head to Albert Park and Middle Park as there is so many great cafes in the area.  These are my favourite picks:

BLT at Mart 130

1.  Mart 130
I admit that Mart is actually in Middle Park but thought it was close enough to squeeze into this round up.  Mart of course means Tram spelt backwards as this cute little cafe sits on the tram tracks right next to an old station.  My favourite thing on the Mart 130 menu is the corn fritters ($17.90).  I reckon they are pretty much the best in Melbourne.  They are not floury or doughy and have a great crisp exterior while being packed with pops of sweet corn.  I love the combination of the fritters with salty bacon and sweet mango relish.  MTV swears by Mart 130’s BLT which he eats as he reads the sports section of the paper.  Sigh.  Coffee is very good but not top notch at Mart 130.  The cafe uses Genovese.


Details: Mart 130, 107 Canterbury Road  Middle Park VIC 3206 (03)9690 8831
Damage: Pricey.
Mart 130 on Urbanspoon

MTV’s standard brunch order – Eggs Benedict

2.  Nacional
Nacional has been rated by The Age as one of the best coffee spots in Melbourne and the coffee is indeed good.  However, the brunch items on offer are fairly standard.  The Eggs Benedict, looked the goods with oozing hollondaise sauce topping the poached eggs but the eggs were overcooked with hard yolks.  On our visit Nacional also lacked atmosphere.  The design is pared back which can feel a bit subdued if the cafe is not filled with people.

Details: Nacional, 36 Mills Street, Albert Park (Ph: 03 9645 0977)
Price: Reasonable
Nacional on Urbanspoon

Asparagus and poached eggs at The Continental

3.  The Continental
It’s great people watching at The Continental on bustling Victoria avenue in Albert Park.  Inside is a little cavernous but sitting outside in the sun is a true Albert Park experience.  It helps that the food here is excellent with everything made in house.  I’ve eaten here twice now and both times service has been spot on with very attentive waiting staff taking orders quickly and keeping water glasses topped up.  My pick of the menu is the eggs pancetta which includes two poached eggs oozing runny yolks and topped with crispy pancetta, grilled asparagus and shavings of Parmesan.  

Details: The Continental, 117 Dundas Place, Albert Park (Ph 03 9696 8088)
Damage: Reasonable

Continental on Urbanspoon


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  1. Oh I am so jealous…you’re buying a home in Melbourne!!! What a dream!

  2. I think looking at houses and then eating brunches like these may be a perfect weekend combination 🙂

  3. Ahhh yes the house hunting, currently doing it myself, but way out in suburbia… where there is only crap to eat 😛

    LOVE mart’s fritters <3

  4. If you like corn fritters try at the Bay Road Cafe & Nursery in Sandringham too. A bit out of the way but really, really good!

  5. Andi – Well it is still a dream at this stage – yet to happen!

    Kari – You are obviously much more patient at house hunting than me

    Shellie – So jealous of you now that you have a place and yes Mart’s fritters are great

    Vicky – I am addicted to corn fritters, I think the only thing I order more often is baked eggs (cannot resist them on a menu) so this is a great tip.

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