Seoul Soul

I was pretty excited when Seoul Soul opened its doors on Victoria street.  What could be better than a decent Korean barbecue restaurant in Melbourne? Bring on the kimchi and bibimbap.  My first impressions were also good with the slick interior design immediately setting Seoul Soul apart from its neighbours. Architect turned owner Insu Kim has given the tiny restaurant an industrial feel, with white tiled walls, raw concrete floors, wire light fittings and table top grills dominating the restaurant.  
Kimchi at Seoul Soul
To start there’s a rainbow of pickles including some fiery kimchi (I am seriously addicted to the stuff).  There’s also “Korean tapas” on offer, which features bite-sized dishes like grilled tiger prawn skewers and deep-fried dumplings. 
Chicken share plate
However when it got to our mains we were disappointed to discover that the tabletop BBQs are just for show as they have been blowing too much smoke into the restaurant so rather than getting to cook our own.  That said, the BBQ share plates arrived smoking hot.  
Beef bulogi
The spicy chicken BBQ share plate was more sweet than spicy but it was better than the beef bulogi which arrived on top of a heap of almost raw onions.  It was dry and over cooked making me wish we had been able to cook our own.  Despite my not so great experience I think this tiny Korean joint has a lot of potential – I just wish it could fire up the BBQs to provide a real point of difference to all the Vietnamese restaurants on Melbourne’s pho mile.  
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Details: Seoul Soul, 323 Victoria St, Abbotsford (Ph 0432206404) 
Damage: Reasonable

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  1. Looks yummy sorry it was a disappointment!

  2. ha ha, your not the first person to be disappointed that the tabletop BBQ’s are just for show. I think they need to fire those babies up!

  3. This is so wrong. Why invest in tabletop BBQ kit when you’re not gonna use it? A lot of the fun of Korean BBQ is watching the food being grilled before your eyes. And lastly, this seems especially wrong in OZ given your love of the barbie!

  4. Oh how strange that you can’t do your own. I wonder why they have them then?

  5. Sigh… living in the hub of “little Korea” I am definitely not keen to venture out of my comfort zone when dealing with Korean food… although… I will go if the place is good. Sadly this sounds like it needs a miss!

  6. Aah, I’ve driven past here heaps of times, I love the cute interior too, seems a bit silly to have BBQ’s that aren’t being used though 🙁 May check it out anyway…

  7. Andi – Yes it was a shame it was disappointing

    Mr Noodles – Of all places you would think we should be able to get a BBQ right

    Nigella – I think they may have had grand ambitions but they did not work out

    MsIHua – where is the hub of little Korea?

    Ashley – It’s a nice change from the rest of Victoria street but we left a bit disappointed

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