How to make chorizo sausage rolls

Spring racing fever has hit Australia as the Melbourne Cup rolls into town.  It’s called the race that stops the nation for a reason and overseas Gourmet Chick readers may be amused to hear we actually get a public holiday in many parts of Australia for this horse race.  This year I’m organising a car park at the Melbourne Cup with my friend Jo.  We’ve got some catering in with chicken sandwiches from Chimmy’s and pastries from Brunettis but we both love to cook so have been making some of the food ourselves along with the all important job of buying lots of champagne.  One thing that is always popular is sausage rolls. Of course I couldn’t make plain old sausage rolls and after getting lots of good feedback for this recipe for sage and apple sausage rolls I decided to add a few extra ingredients to my sausage rolls.  The result is these chorizo sausage rolls which are a little more fiery and flavoursome than a standard sausage roll.  They’re also flecked with pieces of slow roasted red pepper to give some added sweetness and zing.  Even if you are not track side these sausage rolls are the perfect party food to pull out at around 3pm and will help soak up the booze everyone is bound to have consumed by that stage of the day. 

500g puff pastry
1 egg
50g poppy seeds

750g pork mince

2 chorizo sausages
250g slow roasted red peppers, finely chopped 
1 red onion, finely diced
Salt and pepper to season
Chopping chorizo for the sausage rolls
1. Peel the casing off the chorizo sausages and cut into small pieces then mix all the filling ingredients with your hands, season and leave to chill for 30 mins.
2. Roll out the pastry onto a lightly floured surface and cut into lengths which are about 10 cm x 30cm. If you are using sheets of pastry cut the pastry sheets in half.
3. Shape the sausage filling into long logs and place it in the middle of each piece of pastry.
Making the sausage shaped logs on the pastry
4. Brush the edges of the pastry with the egg and then roll the pastry over to enclose the sausage mixture and press the edges to seal. Chill for 30 min.
5. Cut each log into sausage roll size, small for party size sausage rolls like the ones I made or you could make long sausage rolls for a lunch time snack.
6. Brush each sausage roll with the remaining egg and top a pinch of the poppy seeds.
Chorizo sausage rolls ready to go in the oven
7. Preheat the oven to 220C and cook the sausage rolls for 15- 20 mins or until golden. Serve immediately or let them cool and pop in the freezer ready to be reheated for about 10 mins in the oven when you need them.
Makes around 30 small sausage rolls or 10 large sausage rolls.
Sausage rolls ready for the Melbourne Cup
 Happy Spring Racing carnival! How are you celebrating Melbourne Cup? 


  1. They look amazing. I’ll be at the track tomorrow on the rails.

  2. I’ll be fighting jetlag and hopefully going to a lunch-I just need to get a good sleep on the plane 🙂

  3. Holidays for racing?! Well that’s civilised. If someone could arrange that we get the same for the Gold Cup, that’d be lovely.

  4. Clever clever clever! I am so going to make these at my next party!

  5. Poka – Great to catch up

    Michelle – They were a hit

    Not quite nigella – hope your Melbourne cup went well

    Blonde – It is very civilised indeed I agree – only in Australia!

    Jeanne – I hope they go well.

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