Note: Senoritas is now permanently closed.
Get your ghoul on as today is Day of the Dead.  This Mexican holiday is the perfect excuse to check out one of Melbourne’s current rash of restaurants and bars serving tacos and tequila.  A whole festival has been set up for “Dia de Muertos” with events running culminating in a fiesta at Senoritas on Sunday 4 November.

The setting at Senoritas is pretty spot on for Day of the Dead
I celebrated early by taking advantage of an invitation to go to Senoritas and preview the late night “antojitos” menu which will be available at the fiesta and on an ongoing basis.  Antojitos means “little whim” a term for snack items and small street food markets in Mexico.  
Guacamole with tortilla
It’s all the type of small plates that are good for sharing and even better with drinks.  There are chicharr├│n de puerco ($6) which are essentially pork cracklings with a changing flavour and the more common tortilla chips with salsa and creamy guacamole ($10).
Feeling adventurous I also tried out the cactus tostada ($6) it was mercifully prickle free and tasted very similar to a green pepper.  
Senoritas – the place has great decor and a good late night atmosphere
There’s a special cocktail menu as well teamed with the dishes like the Passion Mexcal with sweet passionfruit and cucumber mellowing the tequila taste slightly.  I can’t say the cocktails won me over as they are all tequila based which brings back repressed memories for me of shots with lemon and salt.  
Cactus tostada – not as bad as it sounds! 
The offering on Senoritas late night menu is essentially food to be eaten with booze so its not going to blow you away with its complexity.   Still, Senoritas is certainly a fun place to head if you have the late night munchies and offers a more sophisticated alternative to hanging out at a kebab store at 11pm.  
Tequila cocktails – dangerous
Gourmet Chick was invited to review Senoritas. 
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Details: Senoritas, 16 Meyers Place  Melbourne (Ph 03 9639 7437)
Damage: Reasonable, but on this occasion I did not pay.

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  1. Aah I’m not a big tequila lover… and as I don’t drink much, I always find myself less impressed in places where the food is an afterthought to the drinking… I think often cases, places like this don’t put as much effort into the food because they figure the customers will be half cut and not notice, maybe? Love the first piccie though!

  2. I’m obsessed with Mexican food! Yuuuuummy!!!

  3. Kavey – Yes for me tequila brings back too many bad memories. Did you celebrate Day of the Dead?

    Andi – You would fit in well in Melbourne then as the whole place is obsessed with Mexican food!

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