2012 in Review

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas to all Gourmet Chick readers.  It’s that time of year again when I get all nostalgic and look back over the year that was.  2012 has probably been the year I have done the least travelling since I was at school and I must admit to getting itchy feet for a holiday by this stage.  I did manage a few trips to Sydney along with some getaways in the beautiful Victorian countryside plus I have spent a lot of time getting reacquainted with the restaurants and bars of my hometown of Melbourne.  Here are my highlights (and lowlights) of the year.

1.  Best meal in Melbourne in 2012
My favourite meal this year was a lot to do with the excellent food but also factors in the company and atmosphere.  I wandered into Easy Tiger in Collingwood with MTV on a balmy Summer’s night with no booking.  We drank icy cold Singha beers and feasted on Son in Law eggs and chef Jarrod Hudson’s brilliant take on Thai dishes like stir fried calamari and grilled chicken and coconut salad.  It was a perfect meal.

2.  Best meal travelling in 2012
I didn’t manage any overseas jaunts this year but lots of visits to Sydney did lead to some very memorable meals, in particular lunch at Momofuku Siebo. My meal here delighted and excited me in equal measure.  Forget the famous pork buns (as good as they are) instead the miso topped with delicate, sweet flakes of spanner crab and then fried panko to add crunch and textural contrast is genius.

Momofuku love

3.  Worst meal in Melbourne in 2012
Look it’s hard to eat a really bad meal in Melbourne but one of my most disappointing meals was at the newly opened Seoul Soul which on paper sounded brilliant.  What could be better than a decent Korean barbecue restaurant in Melbourne? Bring on the kimchi and bibimbap.  Sadly the barbecues weren’t working and my beef bulogi was dry and overcooked.

4.  Worst meal travelling in 2012
Sydney friends describe Double Bay as “Double Bay, Double Pay” and that was my experience at mediocre breakfast joint Bar Indigo.  Portions are huge but I didn’t really enjoy the deep fried fritters on offer.

My Shakashuka recipe

5.  Recipe of the year
It’s nothing fancy but I’ve perfected my recipe for Shakshuka over the course of the year and now it is my favourite brunch meal on a lazy Sunday.  These Israeli baked eggs are made all the better with the addition of fetta, tomatoes and peppers.  Sunday bliss.

6.  Cookbook of the year
My favourite book this year was South American Grill: Feasts from Brazil to Patagonia by Rachel Lane. This book is great because it’s written in Melbourne and it is the perfect summer book as it is all about cooking on your BBQ.  It’s the simple sort of food that I love to eat in summer but given a bit of a twist thanks to the South American focus of the book.  It certainly made me think beyond steak and sausages on the BBQ.  If you want more cook book inspiration check out my Best Cook Books of 2012 list.

My cookbooks of the year

7.  Total number of posts for 2012
158.  Hmmm that’s a lot of eating.

8.  Most far flung reader in 2012
Hello the Ukraine.  Actually there are quite a few people reading Gourmet Chick at the moment from the Ukraine which is strange as I have never been there but thanks very much for getting on board.

9.  Weirdest search term used to get to Gourmet Chick in 2012
“Coffee machine love”.  Not that weird actually.

10. 2013 Wish List
Firmly at the top of my wish list is a visit to Attica which I have heard only brilliant things about.  I would also love to organise a trip to Loam down on the Bellarine peninsula during the course of the year.  Some wish list visits that aren’t going to break the bank as much include a visit to the new St Ali North, Neil Perry’s new restaurant Rosetta at Crown and I still really want to go to Golden Dragon Palace out in Templestowe for a yum cha fix.

Best wishes to all Gourmet Chick readers for a Merry Christmas.  I’m taking a break until the New Year and will be back then with more food and travel reading.  


  1. Merry Christmas to you too 🙂 This was a fun post to read and I hope that 2013 brings all you want it to, and lots of great food.

  2. Happy Holidays — I LOVE your blog even though it makes me miss Melbourne sooooo much!

  3. Merry Christmas! Looks like you had a great 2012, hope 2013 has some great eating in it for you too 🙂

  4. Love your blog gourmet chick!! Great to have you back in Melbourne. We’ll join you anytime for yum cha in templestowe!

  5. A great roundup of 2012! Made me go on a clicking spree round your blog for the past 20 minutes for all these posts that I’ve missed out on.

    HAPPY HOLS and have a great 2013 (: looking forward to more!

  6. Great little wind up of your year! Been dying to get back to Easy Tiger! Hope 2013 has more great eats in store…and hopefully more travelling! 🙂

  7. Dear Cara,

    I think there are lots of great places to eat in Melbourne and I was truly impressed. Nice round up for the year.

    Have a great 2013!!

  8. Kari – Thanks very much you too!

    Christine – Let’s hope so

    Clare – Yes let’s lock it in given I said the same thing last year hopefully it won’t take me another year to get around to it…

    Shu – Well that was the idea after all! Hope you have a great break as well

    Ashley – Writing it up at the end of the year made me realise I really do need to get back on a plane again

    Chopin – Glad you liked Melbourne and I hope your 2013 is great as well.

  9. What an exciting year it has been in 2012! You met me.. hahaha okay.. no I kid! Here’s to an awesome 2013!

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