Hutong Dumpling Bar

It’s all about the dumpling at Hutong Dumpling Bar.  Walk in the door and through a glass window you can spy the chefs forming rows and rows of perfectly pleated dumplings.  It’s impossible not to order some of these little beauties and any fanaticism about dumplings all becomes clear when you try Hu Tong’s xia long bao (XLB for short).  The gossamer thin wrappers ooze hot soup when you bite into them ($11.80).


The chilli wontons are also brilliant with a plump pork filling and just the right amount of spicy sauce.  However, the restaurant’s pan fried dumplings ($13.20) were not up to scratch with a doughy skin and a complete absence of the crisp bottom you expect when you hear the words “pan fried”.

XLB goodness at Hutong

Still, I was won over by the sticky and sweet pork spare ribs ($22.80) laced with honey and pepper $22.80.

Chilli won tons at Hutong

Probably my favourite dish the steaming hot pot filled with a pungent, rich broth and slithers of braised beef brisket and dumplings ($22.80).

The beef brisket and dumpling hot pot at Hutong

We had a big family dinner at Hutong to celebrate my cousin Elise visiting from the UK and it is the perfect restaurant for groups with all the dishes great for sharing.  Being able to bring your own wine to Hutong (for $4.50 corkage per person) also brings the cost down.  Just remember to book in advance as Hutong is very popular.

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Details: Hutong Dumpling Bar, 14-16 Market Lane, Melbourne City (Ph 03 9650 8128)
Damage: Such a bargain my mother would approve.  Our bill came to $38 each and we ordered way too much food.

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  1. I love Hutong dumplings. Can’t wait for the new restaurant in Crown to open 🙂

  2. We STILL have not been here even though it’s on my Melbourne wish list…one day soon I hope. We always seem to end up at Dumplings Plus…

  3. Oh my lord, my mouth is seriously watering. Those chilli dumplings from Hutong are sooo good. I think I might just like them a touch more than the XLB. Have never tried the hot pot, looks good though. On the list it goes!

  4. That beef brisket dumpling hot pot looks the business. How I wish London had somewhere like this.

  5. I guess it’s true that Australia has the best dim sum- I’m on the other side of the world so it’s a shame that my taste and smell sensors cannot confirm what the eye is experiencing right now! But I am totally going to yauatcha asap for something similar 🙂

  6. You had me at dumpling! I love them and seek them out all over the world – yum!

  7. Sophie – Yes I am excited about that as well

    Andi – Yep they were good

    Jules – I think I prefer them to the XLB as well – amazing

    Mr Noodles – You would love this place I promise

    Marta J – Well I think Hong Kong might beat Melbourne to that title but it is pretty good here

    Andi – So do I

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