48 hours in Hobart: Gourmet Chick in Tasmania

What better place to spend the Australia Day long weekend than in Hobart?  I headed there with Meat-and-Three-Veg flying in for lunch on Saturday and then leaving after brunch on Monday.  I think you can already tell from that sentence that there was a lot of eating and drinking involved.  The city itself is pretty small which makes it easy to explore on foot and we enjoyed walking around and looking at the historic sandstone buildings.  The best view of Hobart though is from above – looking down from the top of Mount Wellington.

The view from the top of Mount Wellington over Hobart

Jackman and McRoss
Arriving from the airport we were starving and went straight to the Jackman and McRoss bakery in Battery Point.  There are a few branches of this bakery throughout Hobart and they are a bit of a local institution.  The counter groans with cakes and pastries and there’s also a decent lunch menu of tarts and pies.  The goats cheese and caramelised onion tart ($8.50) was rich and creamy although the pastry was a little soggy.

Goats cheese and caramalised onion tart at Jackman and McRoss

Details: Jackman and McRoss Bakery, 57-59 Hampden Road, Battery Point Tas 7004 Open: Mon – Fri 7.30am-6pm; Sat-Sun 7.30-5pm.
Damage: Reasonable

Salamanca Markets
The Salamanca Markets run on Saturday mornings and have just celebrated their 40th anniversary.  The market  continues to grow and now has up to 300 stalls which attracts up to 40,000 visitors every Saturday in summer and 25,000 in winter.  There’s lots of amazing fresh produce as well as some great snacking material in the form of home made fudge ($4.50), fresh cherries and Oliebollen, a Dutch deep fried doughnut ($1) sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.  I picked up some fresh cherries and a jar of brilliant jewel coloured raspberry jam ($6.50) from Joanna’s Jams.

Fruit and veg, fudge and fresh cherries at the Salamanca Markets

Details: Salamanca Market, Salamanca Place, Hobart, Tasmania 7000.  Open: every Saturday.

Hobart’s Museum of New Art is like Disneyland for Adults.  I loved the whole experience from arriving on the ferry which leaves from the harbour in Hobart and docks at the base of the museum to exploring the exhibition with its collection of art which ranges from specially commissioned works like “Bit fall” a rain painting machine, to a sculpture of a Chechen suicide bomber made out of chocolate and ancient treasures like Egyptian mummies.


Details: Mona, 655 Main Road, Berridale, Hobart, Tasmania 7011. (Ph 03 6277 9900) Open Wed-Mon 10am -6pm.
Damage: Reasonable $20 (free for Tasmanians).

Sidecar is run by the same people as Garagistes and although it acts as a holding pen for people waiting to get into the restaurant (which is round the corner) it is also a cracking bar in its own right.  Be prepared to squeeze in as the space is tiny but the short wine list offers some really interesting wines by the glass.  I loved the Avanti Popola, a really subtle and light 2010 Carignan from Le Temps des Cerises.  There’s also a small but creative list of bar snacks including a wagyu hot dog.  We munched on a bowl of pan fried mushrooms ($10) which were teamed with toasted pumpkin seeds while we waited for our table to come up at Garagistes.

My glass of Avanti Popolo at Sidecar

Details: Sidecar, 129 Bathurst Street Hobart (Ph 03 6231 1338) Open Mon-Sun 5pm to late.  Fri 12pm-late.
Damage: Reasonable.

If you can get in, Garagistes is the place to go in Hobart.  The restaurant doesn’t take bookings and we put our name down at 7pm to ensure an 8.15pm call back for a table.  Located in an old garage the space is pretty dramatic with soaring ceilings, long communal tables and moody lighting.  Chef Luke Burgess offers a set menu each night of three ($55 per person) or five courses ($85 per person).  I loved every dish from the summer peas topped with a dollop of yoghurt curd and shards or soft and crumbly cheese sable biscuits to the thick, pink slice of slow roasted wagyu beef which almost melted when you cut it.  

Summer peas at Garagistes

The dessert at Garagistes was simple but sensational.  It featured super fresh Tasmanian blueberries teamed with lemon curd and a buckwheat crisp which had a honeycomb taste to it and added a bit of snap to the dish.  Get in if you can, Garagistes offers a truly memorable dining experience.

Blueberries and lemon curd at Garagistes

Details: Garagistes, 103 Murray Street, Hobart Tas 7000 (Ph 03 6231 0558) Open: Wed-Sat from 5pm until late.  No bookings.
Damage: Pricey

Ethos is worth visiting for the building alone which is one of Hobart’s oldest, an old stable from the 1820s and then a chemist and druggist.  Even though the restaurant has a contemporary feel the sense of history has been preserved and I particularly loved the chandeliers made from the old chemist bottles.  Ethos philosophy is based on being more environment friendly and minimising the impact of operating by sourcing ethical produce from biodynamic vegetables to hand-reared and caught meat and fish.  The brunch menu is pretty short and offers a twist on the usual offerings.  The eggs at Ethos are slow cooked for two hours ($14.40) so the yolk and white are just set and sticky from cooking.  Teamed with a thick slab of bacon ($5) and the most delicious roasted then fried potatoes ($5) it’s a heart starter of a breakfast.  Besides the cutest looking pot of tea Ethos also served up the best coffee we had in Hobart.

Slow cooked eggs and English breakfast tea at Ethos

Details: Ethos Eat Drink, 100 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania 7000 (Ph 03 6231 1165) Open: Tues-Fri 10am-late; Sat 9am-late; Sun 9am-3pm.
Damage: Pricey

We had dinner at Smolt restaurant mainly because it was one of the only places in Hobart open on a Sunday night and it is conveniently located right in the middle of Salamanca Square. Smolt restaurant is co owned by Tassal Salmon, the largest salmon producer and exporter in Tasmania which also has a retail shop right next door to the restaurant.  I should probably have ordered salmon but couldn’t go past  starting with fat, cheesy deep fried croquettes and then moving on to the oven roasted baby chicken ($34.90).  The chicken was perfectly roasted but there was a little bit too much going on with the dish with the addition of labneh, potatoes, lardons and butter lettuce along with a jus. A few more elements would have made the flavours clearer.

Roast baby chicken at Smolt

Details: Smolt Restaurant, 2 Salamanca Square, Hobart Tasmania 7000 (Ph 03 6224 2554) Open: for Lunch and Dinner.
Damage: Pricey

We ended our Hobart trip with a bang with brunch at Environs which is tucked away in Battery Point.  Recommended by local Alison the cafe’s whitewashed walls and courtyard filled with succulents are instantly calming.  Environs does an excellent Eggs Benedict ($14.50) but the best dish we tried was the French Toast which came served with poached apricots and figs, sticky with sauce and a scoop of labneh ($15).  Service was a little slow but in fairness Environs was one of the few places open in Hobart on the public holiday so the waiting staff were under serious pressure.  They do take bookings here so it’s worth making a reservation for brunch if you are with a group.

French toast at Environs

Details: Environs, 38 Waterloo Crescent, Battery Point, Hobart Tasmania 7004 (Ph: 03 6224 3929) Open Mon-Sat 7.30am-4pm, Sun and public holidays 8am-4pm.
Damage: Reasonable

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Gourmet Travel Tips
  • We flew to Hobart with Virgin Australia.  Our flights were about $200 return from Melbourne but that’s because we booked pretty last minute. 
  • We spent our time in Hobart eating and drinking as well as visiting the markets, going to Mona and heading to the top of Mount Wellington.  
  • We stayed at Mantra in Hobart which are serviced apartments right near the Salamanca wharf area.  The apartments were clean and modern and included a small kitchen and laundry facilities if you were staying for longer.  They don’t have much character but were a reasonable price compared to Hobart’s more boutique hotels. 

Details: Mantra, 1 Sandy Bay Road  Hobart Tasmania 7000 (Ph 03 6221 6000)
Damage: Pricey. $215 a night.


  1. Mmm…. the roast chicken looks fabulous! Am trying to imagine how the tender meat would go with the yogurt. Yep, that alone looks like lunch and dinner combined.

  2. I loved Bit Fall, I could watch it all day!

  3. These photos are fabulous darling! I’m sad that all of the times I visited Oz I never visited Tasmania.

  4. A whirlwind trip indeed! We managed to stretch out recent one out to a more leisurely 5 days. 😉

    We ate at Ethos and Garagistes too, and of course spent a day at MONA (my favourite place in the world). We checked out a couple of cheaper spots for lunch and dumplings too. The biggest surprise for me was the Farm Gate markets on Sunday. They’re smaller but very high quality and, unlike just about everything else, they’re open on Sundays.

  5. Oooh, so gorgeous! Lovely in scenery and in food 🙂

  6. A little ashamed to admit, I’ve never been to Tasmania. But when we find our way back home, it’s top of the list- and I think you’ve just curated the perfect weekend for us. Thanks for doing all the leg work!

  7. London Chow – The cheese and yoghurt actually went well together.

    Em – It was quite hypnotic wasn’t it?

    Andi – You will just have to come back…

    Cindy – 5 days sounds lovely. I was sad to miss the farmers market, that will have to be next time.

    Kari – Yes great scenery and food, the perfect combination.

    Tori – I hadn’t either until last weekend! It was top of my list as well upon my return home.

  8. haha, amazing, just going through my list of fav blogs and saw this coincidence (usually don’t comment)- I was just down there this weekend too and hit half the places you went to- probably because the place is so small!

    Also went to Smolt- had a good experience eating the really fat, juicy mussels.

    We also went to Machine Laundry, Duci and Duci (bakery), which were awesome eateries.

  9. What a gorgeous day for Mt wellington – that pic is magnifique! I popped down to Hobart for part of Mona Foma (after some relaxing in Freycinet first), and have not stopped raving about Tassie since. We loved Garagiste, Sidecar for drinks & dinner – and also Pigeon Hole for some whiffy and delicious raclette for breakfast. Can’t wait to go back, your photos are making my mouth water!

  10. Sounds like a perfect plan for a weekend away I think. Will definitely be heading down to Hobart soon, and will take a printout of this post with me 🙂

  11. Wow…you certainly managed to cram in some of the best restaurants and cafes that Hobart has to offer! It’s a small town, but I reckon it punches above its weight 🙂

  12. You’re making me hungry. Great Post!

  13. Wow that Eggs Benedict dish has got my salivating, time for breakfast! lol Thanks for the images, i look forward to reading more tasty posts 🙂

  14. Unfortunately, Environs is now closed, replaced by a Japanese restaurant

    1. Thanks for the update David.

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