Huxtaburger opens in the city

I didn’t ever think I would miss the feeling of being hungover.  That queasy sensation and the pounding headache is no fun at all but it does give you a great excuse for a burger, fries and a coke.  My current state of non-hungover existence meant I had no good reason to rush into Huxtaburger as soon as it opened its doors in the city. But it’s testament to Huxtaburger’s burgers that I did.  They are still brilliant even when you are fresh as a daisy.

Huxtaburger has opened in the CBD

The new store is down the newly opened laneway at the back of 333 Collins street. Entry is from Flinders lane and at this stage there is no sign.  There’s a tiny bit more space for eating in than the original Collingwood store and the place has the same retro feel to it thanks to the use of lots of polished metal on the counter, cherry red stools and diamond patterned floor to ceiling windows.   The menu is identical to the original store as far as the burgers are concerned.  There’s your whole Huxtable family offering from Bill with the lot to my pick, the Denise ($9).  The Denise is a sweat inducing combination of beef, cheese, salad, fiery jalapenos and sriracha mayo. The jalapenos give the burger just the right amount of kick to keep things interesting and like all Huxtaburger’s offerings – the Denise is made with top quality ingredients.  The meat used in the patty is outstanding, seriously beefy Moondarra wagyu and even the sweet brioche buns are somewhat addictive.  I love the old school fat chips ($3) which are crinkle cut as well.

Huxtaburger’s new addition – The Vanessa with chips

There is one new addition to the menu though, a breakfast bun which is helpfully served all day.  The Vanessa ($5) is a genius combination of fried egg, bacon, melted cheese and a squirt of Bloody Mary mayo.  The Vanessa is served in the same shiny bun as the burgers giving a slight sweetness to the breakfast offering.  It would indeed be the perfect hangover food but even in my non-hungover state I could appreciate this was a seriously good breakfast and also an absolute bargain.  The only drawback is that Huxtaburger doesn’t open until 10am so for most city workers who start work before then, the Vanessa will have to serve as a mid-morning snack or late brunch.

It’s great to have Huxtaburger in the city but I’d like to see more special offerings like the Vanessa to give the city location a different feel to the Collingwood store rather than feeling like a carbon copy.  Although the suits queuing up for a burger fix rather than bearded hipsters is a giveaway that you are not on Smith Street anymore – hangover or no hangover.

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Details: Huxtaburger, Fulham Place off Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000 (Ph 9417 MEAT) Mon-Sat 10am-10pm.  Closed Sundays.
Damage: Such a bargain my mother would approve.  My bill for one came to $9.

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  1. AWESOME! I didn’t know about the breakfast bun! It’s right next to my work building HOORAY!

  2. Excellent, I know where I’ll be hitting up the next time I’m in the city! Been once to the other one but desperate to have another burger! x

  3. Went here last week and loved it! A minute away from me could be very dangeroussss…..

  4. D’oh! I wish you had posted this last week as we were just in Melbourne for a super short weekend and I wanted to try Huxtaburger but we couldn’t make it to Collinwood. D’oh that I didn’t know they were in the city now. A thousand d’ohs!

  5. I know where I’m heading on my next trip to Melbs!

  6. i wanted to try this place when i was in melb last time but i couldnt get to collingwood, i know where to go next time im in melb!

  7. I am quite impressed with those chips. Chunky and crinkled? That is a good effort!

  8. Ms I Hua – we must work near each other as it is dangerously convenient for me too

    Andi -I’m sure you would like it

    Shellie – Yes it’s pretty convenient now when you have a burger urge

    Catherine – Very dangerous indeed

    Missy Piggy – Oh no you totally just missed out – next time.

    Helen – Lock it in

    MilkTea – Yes more convenient for visitors in the city

    Karl – The chips are really good.

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