How to make Bircher muesli with toasted almonds and blueberries

When I’m on holidays and happen to be staying at a fancy hotel I always get the Bircher muesli at the breakfast buffet.  Obviously alongside about ten other things like pancakes and pastries, but the Bircher muesli is always there.  I love Bircher muesli but had never made it at home because I have always been deterred by the requirement to prepare it the night before.  I’m never that organised when it comes to breakfast.  But it turns out Bircher muesli is actually really easy to make and you can even cheat and just get started on it one hour before you want to eat it.  That’s enough time to have a coffee and read the papers before tucking into your home made Bircher muesli.

No need to wait for hotel Bircher muesli
200g rolled oats
375ml apple juice
2 apples, skin left on and grated
125g Greek yoghurt
2 tbsps sultanas
2 tbsps almonds, skin on
2 tbsps blueberries
Mixing the apple juice into the rolled oats
1.  Put the rolled oats in a bowl with the apple juice and leave to soak for one hour or overnight in the fridge.
2.  Fry the almonds in a dry frying pan over a medium heat. Watch carefully and remove from the heat as soon as they begin to brown. They will burn as soon as you turn your back.  Once cool enough, roughly chop the almonds.
3.  Add the grated apple, yoghurt and sultanas to the soaked oats and mix well.  
4.  Spoon the muesli into serving bowls and top with the toasted almonds and blueberries. 
Bircher muesli ready to serve
Serves six.    


  1. I’m a big bircher muesli lover too, but I have found that there are some seriously hideous birchers out there. Don’t think they do breaky anymore but when I used to live around the corner from The Botanical back in the Paul Wilson days, their Bircher was seriously to.die.for. It was so good I used to dream about it! Yours also looks lovely!

  2. Love a good bircher muesli 🙂 I forget how easy it is to make and always order when we go out ~ Will have to make a batch soon 😀

  3. I like the idea of grated apples. For variety, I would go with mandarin orange slices too!

  4. TIme poor? Lasts best park of a week in the fridge, I make it Sunday nights and set for the week!

  5. Jules – Bircher you used to dream about? Now that sounds very good indeed

    Andi – It was!

    Daisy – I was exactly the same – won’t be ordering it out again – will stick to the tricky stuff.

    MsIHua – That sounds great – pear could be lovely as well

    Anon – Good tip – plus the flavour develops

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