Getting carnivorous at Meat Mother

Vegetarians beware – meat mother is a restaurant for serious carnivores.  If you’ve been to London recently you’ll recognise Meat Mother.  The fit out is very similar to Spuntino in Soho with a large central bar, exposed brick walls and low lighting in the form of single dangling lights.  The menu is pure Pitt Cue Co – a Texan BBQ bonanza.  

Slow cooked pork with a side of brussel sprouts at Meat Mother
Slow cooked pork with a side of brussel sprouts at Meat Mother

Prices are dirt cheap and start at $8 for an individual item. A better deal though is Meat Mother’s “meat tray” , not to be confused with the sort you win at a country pub. For $18 you get meat and a side with toast and pickles.

Inside Meat Mother - it's dark.
Inside Meat Mother – it’s dark.

The classic meat is the pulled pork, slow cooked for 12 hours and then shredded the meat was a little bit sweet while still retaining that piggy goodness. Beef brisket was better still with a real richness to it from the cooking time and a smoky flavour.  Sides ($4 each or included in the meat tray) of brussel sprouts with lardons  had been overcooked and were disappointingly parched but Meat Mother’s mac and cheese was bubbling hot and just the right amount of gooey.

Side of mac and cheese at Meat Mother
Side of mac and cheese at Meat Mother

Unfortunately service was terrible besides forgetting part of our order the whole seating process was not handled well. Meat Mother only takes reservations for groups over eight so Johanna and I were made to stand next to the bar area and wait for a table for ages. Eventually we pestered enough to be allowed to go to the upstairs area where it turned out there were heaps of empty tables. While we were waiting downstairs we saw one couple give up on getting a seat and just leave so while a strategy of ignoring patrons may make Meat Mother look busy I’m not sure it’s the best business model.

Beef Brisket at Meat Mother
Beef Brisket at Meat Mother

There’s a limited wine list but a lot more hard liquor options particularly if you like bourbon.  There’s also lots of ryes and whiskeys and some craft beers and ciders.  Meat Mother isn’t particularly original and really needs to work on its service but if you are looking for a cheap Texan BBQ fix it’s not a bad option. Meat coma alert ahead! 

Details: Meat Mother,  167 Swan Street, Richmond (Ph 03 9041 5393) Open: Tues-Sun 6.30pm-10.30pm
Damage: Such a bargain my mother would approve.
6/10 Meatmother on Urbanspoon


  1. Hi Cara

    Thanks for checking out So great to hear that you like it. I LOVE your blog and I am going to have a good look at it because we are new at this game and still working things out and yours is such an awesome example of a blog that works!
    Tillie xo

  2. A shame about the service but it sounds like an interesting idea and yes with that name, it couldn’t be vegetarian could it? 🙂

  3. Tillie – Thanks heaps – always happy to have a chat.

    Lorraine – I think they make their intentions pretty clear!

  4. Man, $18 for a meat tray does sound like good value. Shame about service though, that’s pretty appalling if they had empty tables and weren’t seating people in them…missed out revenue?!

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