Crumpets and coffee at Footscray Milking Station

You know you’re in Footscray when the entire Western Bulldogs football team is eating brunch at the cafe you’re sitting at.  Not that I am that all over who’s who in the world of footy but the matching Western Bulldogs tracksuits were a giveaway.  Even so, I managed to impress my friend Lizzie who I was meeting for lunch with my apparent AFL knowledge.  


I can see why the footy players are fans of Footscray Milking Station.  The place has a vintage vibe to it thanks to the subway tiling on the walls and pops of lime green used throughout.  The food at Footscray Milking Station is seriously good and the Padre coffee is smooth and  delivers just the right amount of caffeine hit.  Naturally at a “Milking Station” they take their milk seriously and Jonsey’s is the milk of choice in all drinks.  

The cosy interior of Footscray Milking Station
The cosy interior of Footscray Milking Station

There’s an all day breakfast menu which has some more unusual offerings like scrambled eggs mixed with mascarpone ($19) and the delectable home made crumpets ($14) which are served with a slick of labne, drizzled with honey and sprinkled with crumbled pistachios.  The only fault is the small portion sizing.  

Corn cakes at Footscray Milking Station
Corn cakes at Footscray Milking Station

Unlike the crumpets, the corn cakes ($14) were generously fat and teamed nicely with creamy guacamole and some gutsy relish.  For regular customers (like the Bulldogs players) there’s a changing soup and salad of the day and a weekly special and pasta.  

Latte at Footscray Milking Station
Latte at Footscray Milking Station

Prices are on the steep side but what price do you pay to have such a brush with Footscray celebrity? 

Details: Footscray Milking Station, 35 Bunbury Street, Footscray 3011 (Ph 03 9029 9240) Open Mon- Sun 7am -3pm. 
Damage: Pricey given some small portion sizing. 

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  1. I can’t decide which one I’d order: the homemade crumpets or the corn cakes. I think I’d probably order both! lol.

  2. Helen – that was pretty much what I did!

  3. I was actually a bit disappointed with FMS. I had the $18 ricotta pancakes, pretty but also on the small side given the price. Then a jerk chicken panini – probably a bad order but it was boring and flattened with a sandwich press with all wilted salad leaves, my pet hate. I will return to give it another go as everyone seems to rave about it.

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